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Here another little feature request:

I would like to be able  to clear the copy/move queue while a copy/move job is being executed. This will allow me to end the actual copy/move operation AFTER the current file is fully copyed or moved.


Thanks for your great software, I was looking for something like this since long long time.

It happens to me that i start long file operations (copying or moving huge amount of files between network) and I've to keep an eye on those operations while doing other stuffs. Is it possible to add a checkbox in the copy/move window to keep it always-on-top?
This because I've two monitors and while i work on an application always on top on the main monitor i would like to see the copy/move progress on the secondary monitor but often the application i am using on the primary monitor opens popup windows on the secondary monitor hiding the progress window. I can't even hear the sound emitted by the copy/move operation because the application on the main monitor sends sounds itself (it is a music editor).
Thank you.

The internal file copy feature used by MC is very good but it is really slow. As user I would like to be able to disable it to use the normal windows 7 file copy feature.

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