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I've got a several issues with the latest beta 3.2.1 (1432)

First off, I can't find a way to get the regular explorer shell when I right click. I thought the option was in the Explorer Panel Configuration under Right Click menu (now set as Shell Context Menu), but that doesn't work.

Also, in the previous versions I've been able to change the rename behavior as how it works in explorer. Whereas now a pop-up window appears to rename the files.

Last but not least, I thought I could change the Right Click behavior from the Quick Look'nFeel Setup under Customize / Mouse but after I changed it the whole settings have been lost (colors, fonts and so forth)

Beta Releases / Funciont Keys broken in v3.1 build 1374
« on: March 26, 2013, 00:02:14 »
After today's update, function keys don't work anymore.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / 5 new features
« on: October 12, 2012, 20:25:11 »
I've five suggestions even though some of these might already be available and I haven't simply figured them out yet.
  • Preview image: make it resizable. Currently it's possible to resize the window but the image doesn't resize accordingly.
  • Keep the folders on the server persistent across multiple sessions. If I open a folder on the server and then I close MC, at the next start MC shows a local folder instead of the folder on the server previously open.
  • Would be useful to assign two shortcuts to delete files: a delete command to move the file to the recycle bin (maybe with the Delete key), and a wipe command to wipde the files from the hard drive (maybe F8 key)
  • Assign folder order globally. I like to keep the folder order by date even though when I open a new tab the order is by name.
  • It's currently possible to export the keyboard configuration but is not possible to import it as we can do with the Core and Explorer configurations.

Support and Feedback / Synchronization and future of Multi Commander
« on: October 08, 2012, 05:14:12 »
I know Synchronization is a feature on the list of future plans for MC. So far I find this feature the only one still missing to make MC complete for my needs.
Said that, I hope Sync will be added soon  ;D

Besides that I'm wondering if the author will keep MC freeware for the future versions as well (I really hope so!)


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