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I just updated to 6.4.2222 and I noticed the behavior changed when creating new folders or files using the context menu ("Right click -> New -> Folder" or "Right click -> New -> Text Document").

In this version the folder gets created with the name "New Folder" and I have to press F2 to be able to rename it.
In the previous version after having created the new folder it was possible to rename it without pressing F2 because the inline rename function was activated automatically.

Is this change by design? Is there an option to revert back to the previous behavior?

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Nitpick: Program icon
« on: February 19, 2016, 10:57:08 »

First of all I like to thank you for the great tool that MultiCommander is.

One minor thing that bothers me, and it's really a nitpick only, is the program icon.
For my taste it looks a bit dated. And as I have MultiCommander opened all day it is always visible in the Windows task bar.

For my personal use I have borrowed the nice and modern looking logo from the homepage and patched the MultiCommander executable to include it.
I really like the result which you can find in the attached screenshots.

I was wondering if you could replace the current icon with the modern logo in future versions of MultiCommander?
Perhaps we could put up a poll for that?


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