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I've tried to find a column "Length" in MC that consistently displays the time length of audio and video file of any type (as MS Explorer and some other 3rd party file explorers do). The one that seems to be the most reliable I've found is "Audio - Length Total", nonetheless this column does not display anything for some multimedia file types like ".webm" and ".mkv" for example.

Would it be possible to have a column "Length" that reliably works (like in MS Explorer and some other 3rd party file explorers) for any type of audios and videos?

This is really important for me as this is one of these annoying "details" that end up making me return to use other file explorers than MC.

Many thanks in advance! :)


If I add the column "Date Created" and try to sort files using that column (by clicking on the column header),
the files are not properly sorted by "Date Created" (there are anomalies/errors in the ordering of files).

If I try the same thing with the column "Date" (instead of the column "Date Created") then the sorting (by "Date")
seems to work OK.

So it seems there is a specific problem with the sorting of the column "Date Created".

Mathias, are you able to reproduce this bug please?
And if yes, could you please solve it as this bug is quite annoying/frustrating, thank you so much in advance! :)

I'm using version 9.1 build 2554 (I think is bug is present also in all previous versions)


Familiarizing myself with Multi Commander and it looks like a solid software.

There are a few things which are quite annoying/frustrating though.
For example:
There is an option: "Sort files and folders separately, Folders first"
Personally I navigate the directory structure using the tree and
when it is time to access/manipulate files, the folders being listed first
are right in the way of the files so it would be good to also have an option:
"Sort files and folders separately, Folders last"

Would that be possible?
How much time would it take for such option to be available in MC?

Many thanks in advance,
Best regards

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