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Please add also medium icon size (24x24) for file and folder icons in explorer panel settings -> layout -> icons -> icon size
In my opinion the small size (16x16) is a little bit too small and the big size (32x32) is too big, whereas the medium size (24x24) is optimal.

It would be nice, if it would be possible to show the top menu bar icons not only in small (16x16) but also in medium (24x24) and big size (32x32), at best changeable by right click directly on the bar.

1. How can I show the extension of files directly after the filenames INSTEAD of showing them in the extension column?
2. Is it possible to show BOTH the extension directly after the filnamen and additionally in the extension column?

I miss the option (should be activated in standard) to show the hidden/system files and folder (incl. icons) ghosted/greyed out and/or at least in another color.


it would be very useful, if you could offer the opportunity to make the background of every second line in another color, for example light grey or light blue, so that it would look like white-light grey-white respectively white-light blue-white etc.

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