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Support and Feedback / Windows Search Index and MultiCommander
« on: March 15, 2021, 17:18:30 »
Greetings to all,

I am posting this thread as a search of mine hasn't reveal any answer to a question of mine.

So, is there any way to make use of windows file search index in multi commander "find" feature?
I mean, I have enabled windows search index which has indexed all my files and their contents, so whenever I type in explorer's search bar, results come up instantly.
How can I make use or implement somehow this index with or in multicommander? Is there any way to do that?

Thank you in advance

This can be done with a User Defined MultiScript Command:  I call mine "Copy Left Tab Right Side" & assigned it to hotkey Ctrl+Right.

Code: [Select]
MC.SetActivePanel PANEL=LEFT;
@var $LeftFocus = StrReplace(GetSourceFocusPath(),"..","");
@var $LeftPath = PathGetPathPart($LeftFocus);

if ( IsFolder($LeftFocus) == 1 )
  $LeftPath = $LeftFocus;
MC.Explorer.NewBrowser PATH={$LeftPath} SIDE=RIGHT;
MC.SetActivePanel PANEL=RIGHT;

You can do a similar script for "Copy Right Tab Left Side" with:

Code: [Select]
MC.SetActivePanel PANEL=RIGHT;
@var $RightFocus = StrReplace(GetSourceFocusPath(),"..","");
@var $RightPath = PathGetPathPart($RightFocus);

if ( IsFolder($RightFocus) == 1 )
  $RightPath = $RightFocus;
MC.Explorer.NewBrowser PATH={$RightPath} SIDE=LEFT;
MC.SetActivePanel PANEL=LEFT;

I tested it, seems to work like a charm!
Thank you!

Greetings to all.
I found via search this topic but I couldn't post:,3694.0.html
So I open this new thread, requesting the same feature.
To be more specific, I used to work on Directory Opus, and I find Multi Commander quite similar so I became a fan.
However, a very useful feature that speed ups multiply productivity is to be able via a single interface button (for example in the right corner of each pane) or/and via a keyboard shortcut, to "send" the open folder/path on the current pane to the other pane (similarily like duplicating the tab and moving it in the other pane, but this requires multiple clicks reducing productivity).

I am requesting though, this simple feature of single click current tab duplication to other pane directly (looks more like a "macro command" of tab dublication+moving to opposite pane).

Is it possible to see that shortly in an program update??

Thank you.

PS. You can merge this thread to the aforementioned thread if you want.

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