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That's it!
The 'applying color rules option' was disabled by the update.
Thank you

I have the same problem with my today's files that does not been coloured anymore even the standard rules applies.
Is there any translation problem with the rules because I am french ('Today' => 'Aujourd'hui') ?
Moreover I have a message on the bottom of my color rules dialog which says color rules are not applicable, I do not know why.

Script / MC.DATAVIEW with autoload option
« on: March 24, 2016, 15:52:26 »

I am looking for a way to use MC.Dataview to open a log file with autoload option on.
Is this possible or may I wait an enhancement?

MC is the best tool I ever had for daily work.

Thank's a lot for this app

I was misleaded by the fact that I choosed WinModel apparence at the startup of the application and I do not have this capability in that mode.
It is so bad to not have the possibility to get back to the commander mode after that choice.

But the Uninstall/Install work whatever!

Excuse me for not have been enough detailled, but I was talking about selecting individual files for making a group.

As an old user of turbo navigator, I used to use the Space tab to select individual files and folders to get the size before copy them to the other panel.

This function will be a great improvement except if it already exists amongs all the already fonctionnal functions.

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