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Hi there,

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you, I've recently re-discovered Multi Commander and I like it a lot! (in the past I used NC, Dos Navigator, MC, Far, and Total Commander so I have some experience with similar tools).

That being said I am a creature of habit. I spent the last decade (on and off) with Total Commander and MC so I am wondering if you could consider the following adjustments that would make my life easier:

A. Currently, it is not possible to drag files from the search result list and drop them onto another window. It is possible from normal explorer panels and it is possible to right-click a file and open it in a program, or just double click the file to open it with the default application. However, drag&drop is not possible (I'm guessing that's because the folder and the file name are in separate columns which was also a bit annoying because I tried multiple times to copy the full path to the file I found and I couldn't do it easily). This is something I do on a regular basis, multiple times a week, so it is a bit of a hassle for me.

B. As you can easily tell from the attached screenshot, I like the simplicity of the UI in TC so I already adjusted my Multi Commander a bit towards this direction (e.g. a command bar at the bottom is a must for me... otherwise I feel irked. I know it's irrational but I spent more than 20 years with programs that place this bar at the bottom), but I wish there were more options. Please take a look at the picture, and here are my corresponding comments:

1.  I'd prefer to remove most of the buttons I don't use and I would never use a button to close the tab. I always use CTRL-W so this button is just cluttering UI for me.

2. Here I would prefer if the "disconnect" button was completely hidden unless the tab includes an FTP connection. I also do not know the purpose of the other highlighted button (and I couldn't find an option to hide it).

3. This is again a personal taste (most of this post is about some tiny tweaks that I would like to see but I understand other people might be different) but I would prefer tabs to be under the bar with the drive selection and free HDD space status.

4. It would be awesome to have an option to customize the background color of the selected explorer column (like in TC, but maybe with color customization). Having an option to change the icon/glyph/colors of the up/down arrow would be nice too (but less important, the background color makes the explorer look much more modern and it is easier to instantly tell which column is selected so it is simply useful)

5.  I am not sure what is the purpose of this bar, but I would like to hide it. As you can see I am trying to save space wherever possible (I wish I could change the height of the bar above it too, I think there are a few pixels I could save there)

6.  I know this vertical border helps to adjust the split between panels, however, it looks very dated. I was a Win32 programmer 20 years ago and we used this style of controls a lot back then, but as of today, this border makes Multi Commander look a bit dated. I wish it could be more flat (or there would be a modern separator like in recent TC editions)

Please take my comments into consideration and thank you for all your good work!

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