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1.,2. Ok
3. Was not able to do so. Tried to turn off Drive drop down and turn on drive buttons, but buttons still on the separate panel. You can see what I would like to have on the attached screenshot.
4. Finnaly manged to do this. Thanks.

Hi Mathias,

There is an option to work in "Details", "List" and "Thumbnails" modes (see attached screenshot). If you work in "List" view, then Left/Right keys acts like PgUp/PgDn. I would like them (Left/Right keys) work the same way in "Details" mode. So if I press Right key I would like the focus to move one page down (not to the end of the list).

Hi, thanks for the nice app.

I have several quaestions/suggestions.
1. Is it possible to render controls (tabs, file filst) in "flat" style?
2. Is it possible to show <DIR> tag in the "Extension" field (instead of the "Size" filed)?
3. It is possible to enable drive buttons in each panel on a separate toolbar. Is it possible to show it instead of device dropdown list?
4. Is it possible to setup a backgroud color for the focus indicator?

Hi Mathias,

first of all thanks for the good programm. I am trying to move from NexusFile to Multi Commander and have several questions/suggestions.
Can Left/Right buttons in "Details" view act as PgUp/PgDn (like they work in "List" view)?

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