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This seems like a bug:

When copying files from a ZIP/RAR archive from within MC to a folder which already contains those files, and the files are readonly, then the copy will fail. You don't get the option to overwrite readonly files (which you do when copying files from a normal folder), nor do you get a warning that there were problems copying.

This is an annoying bug. It causes a lot of confusion when folders are only partially updated (or not at all) without any notification of a problem.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Various feature requests
« on: February 24, 2021, 12:49:25 »
Various feature suggestions / requests:

Explorer Panel:
- Add auto-complete-as-you-type functionality to path-field
- Allow View-mode options to be added as separate buttons, allow switching between details, list and thumbnails with a single click
- Allow user defined commands/buttons to be added to the toolbar buttons
- Configure color of gridlines, separately for horizontal and vertical lines
- Listview: Allow columns to be resized individually; automatically resize each column to the widest filename/foldername in that column
- Listview: If the rightmost column in view is not entirely visible and you select a file/folder in that column, the entire listview automatically scrolls the column into view. However: it's often scrolled too far, leaving the mouse over the next column. This is a problem when double-clicking. The 2nd click lands on the wrong column. (See attachment). A solution for this problem would be great.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Size display in KB
« on: January 13, 2021, 12:28:32 »
I would suggest that when filesize display is forced KB and the file size < 0.5 KB MC still should display 1KB rather than 0KB. I would only show 0KB when the filesize actually is exactly 0 bytes.

(I force my filesize display to KB rather than auto since I find different size units in 1 list confusing)

Useful addition:

When using command line parameter /OPEN not only should MC open the folder of the path-parameter, it should also automatically select and scroll into view the file (if path contains a filename)

So MultiCommander.exe /OPEN "c:\temp\somefile.txt" should open the "C:\temp" folder and select and scroll into view the "somefile.txt" file.


I recently discovered Multi Commander. I'm very impressed, especially with the speedy UI. Excellent.

Question: Should MC provide auto-completion of paths as you type, either in the Command Line bar, or in  path-field in folder tabs?
I seem to remember seeing autocomplete on paths working, but I can't get it working anymore (maybe I never actually saw this)

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