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Support and Feedback / removed file extensions
« on: July 19, 2011, 08:14:51 »
I've really been looking for a good explorer replacement. MultiCommander could have been the answer with enough of my own personal tweakings. Took me too long to find how to start the folder tree on a single explorer window, but I found it & was trying to find out how to save that setting when I find that it has hidden some file extensions on icons on my desktop. Sorry, but I'm sure it's MultiCommander because that's all I've dealt with today.

Well, that sucks! Is it because I was curious how it was going to display the registry? Who cares. I will now uninstall MultiCommander & hopefully remember as my quest for a decent explorer replacement continues. Of course, I'll have to manually re-enter all 15 or so registry entries that FORCE file extensions to be visible.

Your product isn't exactly safe.


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