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The documentation for favorites says:
Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V can be used to copy and paste Favorites. They can be used to copy a Favorite from one section and paste it into another.

But the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V have no effect in the Favorites dialog, neither in the current version (v13.5) nor in older versions (tried with v11.3 from 2021).

It's just a minor problem and fortunately there is a workaround:
Copying and pasting in the Favorites dialog can be done via the context menu.


For symlinks I would like the name column to contain only their name, but not the target that they point to.

The option "Show link target in name column" seems to be the right place to control this, but it affects only symlinks to directories. For them the link target disappears when the option is unchecked in the settings dialog.
For symlinks to files however, the link target is always displayed next to the name, no matter whether the option is checked or not.

Is that by design or am I doing something wrong?
I'm currently using the version 13.5.


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