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Windows 10, local filesystem (C: drive).

When I download large file using browser, a temporary file (largefile.mp4.part) is created. MC shows this file with size of approx. 32kB. The file is growing, but its size is still shown as 32kB. Pressing F2 (or Refresh icon) does nothing. Also DIR command shows file size as 32kB.

But when I do one of the following:
- select file and press F3 (View file)
- use Cygwin's 'ls -l' command
proper file size is immediately shown in MC. DIR command also returns refreshed file size info.

Apparently MC's F3 command (and Cygwin's ls) do something that forces Windows to "wake up" and report proper file info to the caller.

Here's my feature request: change F2/Refresh to deal properly with situation described above.

Support and Feedback / Re: Huge fonts since last update
« on: December 15, 2020, 22:36:50 »

I've just installed latest build (Dec 04, 2020).

After setting all user-configurable fonts to 10 everything looks nice on my system (150% and 1920x1080).

Whatever you changed in last built, fonts are OK now. Thank you, Mathias.


Still not consistent, I'm afraid. I didn't notice before. See attachments.


Support and Feedback / Huge fonts since last update
« on: November 29, 2020, 02:21:22 »
After last update user interface of MC changed. Fonts used in command area, free disk space area and list of default locations became very large. Some icons were pushed out of view because of this.

Is there any config option to *turn off* font sizing according to DPI detected?

If not, how can I reinstall previous version of MC without losing configuration?

Thanx, JK

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