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Is there any option to make the Quick Filter default behavior mode like this:
keyword = *keyword*

That is to avoid the need to add the two asterisks manually and to make MC to presume, that any single keyword in Quick Filter field is only a part of the filename providing that the other is not stated explicitly.
I use quick filter option quite often, but I can't remember a single occasion, when I needed to use another mode, that is to search by the full filename.

Furthermore, it would be nice to add asterisk automatically between multiple keywords too. That is when I enter in Quick Filter field several words separated by spaces, MC should treat them as independent parts of filename:
quick fox brown = *quick*fox*brown* = *quick*brown*fox*

Thanks in advance!


Hi, is there any option to enable keyboard accelerators for main menu commands? Currently they are available only in the [Configuration] section of the main menu, while all other commands have not them. It is highly needed for those main menu commands, which are used quite often, but have no a (default) appropriate hotkey/shortcut.


Hi, is there any option to get the list of files in the current folder and all its subfolders (or may be in subfolders of the specific level, or in the currently selected subfolders etc).
AFAIK, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away it had been known as Ghisler's Total Commander the killer-feature under the name "Branch view -". Since then it has been implemented in many other file managers too.  But I could not find anything like that in Multi Commander. Have I missed anything or this functionality is really not (yet) added?

Thanks in advance!

Already for many versions of Multi-Commander, including the last one 5.1.1 x32. I suffer the following bug, thus it is not an accidental bug of the specific version. Sometimes all files and folders names in certain root folder of my external USB HDD randomly become duplicated. Furthermore, some (not all) of partitions become duplicated too. At the same time all other partitions and folders is still OK. I suppose, that it may happen after some system event, but I don't know, which one. May be. disconnecting and than re-connecting this HDD? But some my tests do not confirm this hypothesis. And why is duplicated this only folder?

Going to other folder and than back does not help.

The only solution I've found by now is to duplicate the tab (hotkey Ctrl+T) - till the next time. Is there any permanent solution?

OS is Windows XP x32.

When moving a file to another location at the same partition, Multi Commander gives a warning message, that there is enough space on the target volume.
It seems to be quite senseless, as the source volume = target volume, so it can not be not insufficient room for such an operation. Or have I missed anything?


I was not able (although have tried, even read the manual and searched through the forum) to find the keyboard hotkey to move focus to Quick Filter field (yes, this small field below a file panel). It seems, that there is no such hotkey - neither assigned by default nor any option to assign it by a user. However this conclusion is rather incredible.
Have I missed anything?


And another similar question, is there any hotkey to switch the current quick filter on/off. I thought, that it should be Ctrl+G, bu actually this hotkey does something else. I can not understand, what exactly, as it switches between the current filter or... totally empty file panel, but the last state IMHO has no any sense.


Is there any option to make the cursor in the active pane more clearly visible, as for instance in Total Commander ("inverted cursor" option)? It is quite hard every time to search the cursor in the pane with my eyes after my long time experience with Total Commander.

I've tried to find in MC some similar option, but had no success.


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