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I can select a single folder, and shift-alt-return, or use the command under Tools menu, and it calculates the selected folder.

If I select multiple folders, it just calculates the first folder of the group.

If I select NO folders, it does nothing. It should calculate ALL folders, in this case.

Is this a bug, or just something I have configured wrong?  It worked fine before I upgraded.

I was wondering if MultiCommander "rectangle selection" can be configured to work more like the Windows 10 file explorer?

In particular...

In Window file explorer, if I "rectangle select" some files, then move the mouse arrow to the bottom of the window, it will automatically start scrolling, allowing me to select more files that weren't originally able to fit on the screen.

Trying the same thing (for me, at least) in MultiCommander only lets me 'lasso' files that are shown in the panel. Moving the arrow below the bottom filename does nothing.

Is this behavior possible? If so, what in the settings do I need to change?

Also, I don't understand why people pay for other file managers, when MultiCommander is basically the same, or better,  than the others?

Support and Feedback / NEWTAB option in button wizard mode
« on: January 01, 2019, 17:58:12 »
I used the button editor Wizard mode to add a new button.  I drag a path to the button for my  'C:\portable'  folder.

I selected the 'Go To File'  and  'Open path in new tab'  properties.

Which give me this  MC.Explorer.Goto PATH="C:\PORTABLE" NEWTAB

However, the button always opens in the current tab.  It never actually starts a new tab. Is this a bug, or possibly a setting in the configuration is preventing the new tab from opening?

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