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Thanks for your dev efforts. Your program seems quite promissing and also very good as it currently is.

I have some suggestions (if not already implemented - I have looked them up over the forum, but didn't find anything about them):

- Single click for opening files and folders (ok, already implemented, but doesn't work for me here);

- Aliases (ok, also already implemented, but they don't seem to be able to open pairs of tabs, each one of them shown on a different panel, do they, just as Directory Opus and XYPlorer are able to do?;

- Simple LIST view, just like Explorer - if already implemented, I myself couldn't find the option for setting this up.

- The ability to open files stored inside zip, 7z, rar etc. archives and to have its contents shown when opened - ok, the user is able to LIST archives contents in the file/folder panel, but all he gets when double-clicking on, say, a text file stored inside them, is a blank one instead, with no contents shown at all.

- A separate disk bar for each file/folder PANE and also an independent address bar for each;

- What advantages (if any at all) are there in the registered version of the program over the free one? I could help you in a translation capacity (GUI) in exchange for a free license if there are any significant ones (PMe about this) - well, anyway I'll be willing to helping you in this regard if I eventually come to the conclusion that the effort is worth it for the sake of my country pals, that is, if I think that they'll develop an interest in using your program after I submit it some further testing and trying sessions.

Thanks for your attention.


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