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Good evening
thank you very much for your great Software!

I have a probably small but powerful and unique feature request: a simple session manager.

Let me explain an usual use case:
  • We are working on a job and Multi Commander has different Tabs open for this job
  • Then, something happens, we must work on another job
  • Some time later, Multi Commander has many open tabs mixed from different jobs

The new solution:
  • User selects the new Command "New Session", assigns a short name to the Session and Multi Commander is doing this:
    • saves the actual Tabs into a file (this is the old session)
    • opens the "default session tabs", so that we get the tabs initialized as we need them and so we can start working for the new job
    • if the User saves the active Session, then Multi Commander just saves the Tabs into a file named as defined in the short name above
  • If the User would like to switch the session (a dropdown listbox would be nice),
    Multi Commander just saves the actual Tabs and loads the Tabs from the other session
  • If the User would like to delete a session, just the File with the Tabs will be deleted

I think this should be a simple but powerful feature :-)

Kind regards,

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