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Hmm strange
Do you have some none standard columns enabled.. so it need to read the files to show the data for them ?
Attribute column should not cause it to download them, but if you for example have a column showing Image Size. or similar that needs to read the file content to show the data. then it might happen.

Hmm Only exe  hmm Maybe it is when it gets icon for exe file. But there should be check in that the file is a placeholder and not load it then. Hmm I will check..

Im not able to recreate that. If I access a file from onedrive folder that is a only a placeholder folder (fake file that is not synced to local) then Windows will download that file and MC can then access it. That file and not all others.
I have not seen that ALL files is getting download if you only try to access one of them.  I'm not able to recreate that scenario.

Can you create a step by step description on how to trigger it ?

Bug #1
When using 64x64 Thumbnail Mode, the 'Right-Click Menu Keyboard Key' (I have that as a special key on my Dell keyboard next to the Function Key (it's a laptop)) doesn't open the Right-Click Menu sometimes. On 96x96 Thumbnail Mode it's functional & works always in Detailed List Mode though :D . If you could fix this in a future update that'd be great !
P.S: I was able to pinpoint+replicate the issue:: It happens when the caret is on the first item 'Move To Upper (Empty Arrow) Directory' thumbnail, if you move the caret to an actual File\ Folder & then switch between Tabs, the Right-Click Menu appears ! So there's a prob /w the caret being on the first item 'Move To Upper (Empty Arrow) Directory' box initially. If you want a screenshot to demonstrate I can do so …  ;D
P.P.S: It works sometimes, doesn't work other times !  :'(
<~~ Nvm I fixed this by checking 'Show Context Menu on '..' Item" !!

Bug #2
I don't see the 'Keyboard Customization' hotkey for 'Switching Tabs': that is, I don't see the Ctrl+Tab and the Ctrl+Shift+Tab for moving backwards and forwards between Tabs listed there. I want to change the hotkey to Ctrl+Page Down and Ctrl+Page Up that's why.  :D

Bug #3
When I use the " -AutoRun=AutorunCmd" command-line parameter in the MC shortcut (to View the Full Pane), my Tabs get reset and there's only 1 tab !!  :( I have the shortcut running as Admin, maybe that has something to do with it ?
<~~ Nvm this is working too, I accidentally wrapped the [Shortcut Properties] path within double quotes —that's why it reset the Tabs !!  :D

#2 Not a bug. just an not implemented feature.
Some keys are not able to be changed. But you should be able to create a own command that call that command and assign to custom keys (unless that key is hard coded)
But the default variant will still be there too

I have been doing more tests and I have discovered that it fails by doing the following:
- Copies and movements using drag&drop within the same panel.
- Copy and move using CRTL-C & CRTL-V
These two fail quite often.

Copies and movements between different panels only fail using drag&drop.
I cannot recreate any issue with drag and drop copy.  What are special with how you do it? Something that are unique for you system.  ?
Do you drag from special device and drop on other special. ? Is it just from normal file on disk to another folder on another drive?

Beta Releases / Re: Copy to zip: skip all doesn't work.
« on: April 15, 2024, 07:44:14 »
This post is moved to Beta Version section
Since it is about the auto handing of error, and that had major changes in the Beta..

Yes Zip and some other extension do not support the new error handing yet.

Support and Feedback / Re: Delete zip (after begin scanned) bug?
« on: April 15, 2024, 07:39:46 »
The situation you describe is very unspecific.
What is long time..  What is "many files" in it..  100 ? 1000 ? 10000 ? 3 Million ?

When the zip files is deleted, MC will cleanup its internal representation of it. And if your browsed into it. All of that are cached, So if it is millions of objects that should be cleanedup, it can take a little bit of time.

Beta Releases / Re: v14.0 BETA
« on: April 13, 2024, 23:49:50 »
Thx for the new beta!

Nice feature for "File Operation Error Handing"

Miss some strings for translation. Still wip, or do I miss something?
Still beta so strings are not finalized, so not translatable yet

"still wip" ?

Any idea about what to do now?

Look like the Service accepting the crashreport might not have returned the crashid. I will fix that.. I rebuild that service a while ago so that might have broken.

What kind of copy was it ?
Did it copy anything ? or crash before it started ?  Was it normal from and to devices ? Or was it over network or something else not "common"
Like a said.. Copy / Paste and Drag and Drop are different.. Copy / Paste is handled by Windows and MC have very lite control over that.

Ok, i have anothe crash, now moving from one panel to the other using the mouse, but in the report screen don't show any ID.

 I add the windows of the crash report and the windows crash report.
Strange. Normally after it been sent it shows a crashid it got in the report system.

Beta Releases / v14.0 BETA
« on: April 02, 2024, 13:24:58 »
Biggest change is that the error handling around Fileoperations (Copy/Move/Delete) have been rewritten.

  55+ Changes

-- Build 2999 - 2024-04-08
 ADDED - Experimental support for adding scriptable columns, Let a MultiScript fetch what should be shown in a column in the file list
 ADDED - MultiScript function "VariableDefined(<str>)" that returns 1 if text provided exists as a variable.
 FIXED - 2 Stability issues

-- Build 2997 - 2024-04-02

 CHANGE- Major rewrite of error handing of Copy/Move/Delete operations.
 ADDED - MultiDataViewer is now language aware when doing find. (Can be turned off in option for faster search)
 ADDED - Opening Zip archive with large number of files is now faster
 ADDED - Copy/Move/Delete options for auto handling errors
 ADDED - Copy/Move options for auto handle overwrite options.
 ADDED - Copy/Move/Delete options for showing error report after operation is done
 ADDED - Options for Copy/Move/Delete for System/Hidden/ReadOnly options joined to be 1 options for "Protected Files" (instead of 3)
 ADDED - Support for 64px size thumbnails
 ADDED - DataPreview templates can be updated if they are not customized.
 ADDED - Playing audio file are now shown in status bar
 ADDED - Play Audio Sample command to menu (Will jump 25% into audio file and play for 15s then stop)
 ADDED - Play audio will now try to play "mp3,wav,mp4,m4a,avi,mkv,acc,wma,wmv,asf,flac" (some are movies but it will play the audio if possible)
 ADDED - Play/Stop Audio file icon button to toolbar
 ADDED - Improvements how playing audio files works and are shown.
 ADDED - Preview template for audio files can now select to play the audio file
 FIXED - Unpacking Zip with had a space in the filename just before the ".zip" part.
         Failed to unpack since it tried to unpack into a folder of the name, and space at the end is not allowed on Windows.
 FIXED - Issue when moving tab to other side and the new active tab in the "from" panel was delayed loaded.
 FIXED - 4 Stability issues

A new Experimental feature that probably only I myself have used for is ** Scriptable Columns. **

You can now create a MultiScript that will be used to get what should be shown in a column in the file list.
Add configure Scriptable filepropertys go to Column Customization (Right click on column header)
then at the side of the available columns. there is a script button.
Use this button to create a new file property (column) and connect it with a MultiScript.

Right now there is NO RESTRICTION on what the MultiScript can do when it runs for getting Column text.
But the script will be run for EACH folder and files in the file list where the column is shown.
So, if you have a MultiScript that execute an external program. this program will be executed for all items.
And that is probably not a good idea.. So be careful what script you connect.

When connect a Column with a MultiScript you select what input and output variables in the script it should use.
The Input variable in the variable that will be added with the value of the full path to the file.
Output variable it the variable that the result will be stored in.

To be able to create and debug the script easier.
You check now check if a variable exists, and if not it can be added.
This way. You can easy test the script in ther MultiScript Debugger.

Example of script that will just show the file extension in a column.

Code: [Select]
if(IsVariableDefined("$_FILEPROP_FILEPATH") == 0)
  @var $_FILEPROP_FILEPATH = GetTargetFocusPath();

@var $ext = PathGetFileExtPart($_FILEPROP_FILEPATH);


So to test this.
 * Create new MultiScript and paste in the code above. And save it
 * Go to Customize columns (right click on column header)
 * Click on Script button to add/edit Scritable columns
 * Click New. and then select the script you created, set Name and save.. then close.
 * The new column should now be shown in the list. You can filter on Scriptible and you find it easier.
 * Add the new column to current layout
 Save and close Window

File Operation Error Handing

File operations error handing have been totally changed.. You can now configure how File Already exists error should be handle.. (Overwrite options)
and you can also configure how Protected Files should be handle.. (Files with Hidden / System or ReadOnly file attributes.)
Other errors are not auto handled. but you can enable to skip error. then it will skip when other errors happened.
And if Show Result is enabled you get a dialog showing what errors happened and how they was handle..

The thing is that MC support many different types of FileOperation.. File normal device to normal device, To virtual device, To network, To FTP and so on.
So many different situation and I'm not sure all of them work with the auto handle and auto skip on error.

So please report any issue you see. 

Yes it crashed a lot. I add you the logs in my firts post.

Could you tell me where to find the ID's of the MC crashed send to you?
No I mean a real crash dump. Normally when MC crashes it sends a crash report. and it show a CrashId after it have uploaded it for analyze. If you got this crash ID I can manually analyze the crash report,

WER report is of no use, it does not tell me where the program crash

I Cannot reproduce any issue.. can you describe exactly what you do. since there are so many way of doing copy/move in MC.
also Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V, the Copy is not handled by MC,  Copying like this. and Windows Shell will handle the copy

If it crash it does not close correctly and will not save where it was

If it crash.. Did it send a crash report ? did you get a crash id ? then I can see why it crashed.

There are commands to do this with in the command line field.

":AutoRefresh 0"  will turn off all auto refresh.. need to restart MC. and then you need to press refresh you select to refresh.. it will not monitor folder for changes..

":AutoRefresh 1" to turn it back on..

or if you temporary want to stop it for one folder..

":UnwatchFolder <folder>"

(See Application Log Ctrl+L for information it they turn on / off )

":FolderMonitor List"
To list all folders that are monitored

Support and Feedback / Re: Zip performance
« on: March 26, 2024, 20:55:28 »
If you browse into the zip.. It will scan the zip so it can show all files from the zip..
When you add files to an existing zip. the same things is happening. It needs first to scan the zip
So you can see how long time it takes to open the zip if you browse into it. it will take the same before it can start to add files into it

Support and Feedback / Re: Issue with search in MultiDataViewer
« on: March 26, 2024, 09:15:32 »
Might, maybe be fixed in version 14.x, Beta/Alpha should be available at the end of this month (march..)

Support and Feedback / Re: Copy to zip: unknown error 87
« on: March 25, 2024, 20:51:53 »
87 = generic invalid parameters error code message from Windows.
It can be anything Check log (Ctrl+L for more error info)

Try the other method I wrote in your other post..  Browse inside zip in target panel. and then go to source panel and copy from there.
If you just edit target path it is easy to miss enter the path so it is not added.

Support and Feedback / Re: Zip performance
« on: March 25, 2024, 20:48:19 »
Not able to recreate that.
But if the file you add already exist and you are overwriting (removing and adding), then it must rebuild the entire zip.
Also if the zip is missing its content catalogue at the end of the file (depending on what is created it from the beginning). the entire file need to be parsed instead of just jump to end and add it

However MC is not optimized to update zip is fastest way, normally it is not a problem but if you got 200.000+ items in the root of the zip i can cause it to be slow. Zip is handled like a virtual filesytem, you can navigate into the zip as a volume.
Because of this the zip archive must load the entire zip before doing anything to it. and for each file you add it must check so the file do not already exists. and so on.

However there are some optimization added in the coming version. (14.x) It will load a large zip faster.. but it will still be slow.. The way zip is build, having 200k+ items in a zip is not optimal. I think 7Zip handles large number of files better.

Support and Feedback / Re: Copy to Zip bug?
« on: March 25, 2024, 20:42:40 »
Not able to recreate your issue,
To add files to an existing zip you can browse into the zip in the target panel and then select the files to copy into the zip in the source panel

Or as you are doing..
edit the "copy files to..." field,  to like "D:\MyFolder\\"  You must have the \ after the "zip" else it think you want to copy the file into that name, and not into a zip

Support and Feedback / Re: Format big USB as FAT32?
« on: March 25, 2024, 10:02:35 »
Not currently. But if an external tool exists you can add a button for it easy in MC. Just drag it to the quick launch bar

Support and Feedback / Re: description in column
« on: March 04, 2024, 10:38:51 »
is there an option that I can add some text in one of the columns?
If it possible I want the usual columns and one that I can add text so the folder name will stay just a number.
I try to avoid this : "31001 - IEC" . I want to have a column for the folder name "31001" and a column for some text "XXXXXX" .
It will make the sorting easier.

So a column that will show the text from another column but only some specified subpart from it ?, No that is not possible
But might work in the future. I have some ide about a column that gets the content to show from a MultiScript. then you can create very custom strange columns

Support and Feedback / Re: description in column
« on: March 03, 2024, 21:44:41 »
'Company' and some other meta data is only valid for .dlls and .exe files.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: advices
« on: February 24, 2024, 18:42:28 »
Like disabling swap, This is a cause of many crashes..
I always disable the swap file...

I guess dacidp88 is a chatbot.
Then I hope you at least have 20% free memory at all the time. :) Without a swap Windows cannot move stuff around in memory to free up large chunks if a program request a larger size of memory.. then you can cause a crash becuse of no memory even if you got several gigs free.. just becuse it did not find a large enough block free.  Also windows cannot use memory for caching as much.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: advices
« on: February 23, 2024, 23:59:33 »
Don't understand what you want to say? You got some specific issue ?

Important work is done first. But whats important for you might be different from what is important for another. Also my time is limited so I do prioritize what to work on.

Reproducing bug are a real pain and very hard because of many reason. First. It is very very hard to get a good bug report and description of what is happening, what they did and so on.  And also most people do not even report the bug. Then how do you expect it to get fixed. Just because something does not work for you. Does not mean it the same for everybody else.  Most likely it works for them.
The problem with Windows is that not two machines are a like, All peoples setup are different.
Version of Windows is very very very rarely and cause of a bug. It is very rare that somethings works in Win7 but fails on Win10.
Many issues are because of conflict is with other strange software installed (Specially ShellExtensions (the biggest mess in Windows and the cause of most crashes on Windows) or other software that hook them self in deep in Windows).
Or with strange tweaks into Windows. (Like disabling swap, This is a cause of many crashes..)

"your developers" Hmm there are no developers.. Only me and my spare time.

Support and Feedback / Re: Quicklook - nearly works
« on: February 16, 2024, 18:19:32 »
I never used the PDF preview in Windows Explorer before, but I've tested this feature now and I have to say, it works, but it doesn't work in MC. Moreover, the crash without any crash report is repeatable; it takes 3-5 minutes, and then it crashes. The preview for images works.

I guess that it uses the FineReader WindowsPreviewHandler.  I have not have any issues with the default preview viewer that is provided by windows
However if you want to disable the pdf preview you can do it in preview customized and in the configuration for Pdf and office files.. remove the "*.pdf" file matching..

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