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Press the tree button or Alt+Num* to toggle it.  by default it is always off.
So each tab has its own tree? Or just some attribute? I think each explorer panel should have only one tree and it should be either always visible for all tabs or always hidden.

Beta Releases / Multi Commander 2.6 BETA - Build 1142 - Bugs
« on: July 27, 2012, 06:29:49 »

1. When 24x24 icons selected for explorer panel, icons overlap each other and filenames overlap icons.
2. If Quicklaunch bar (standalone) was hidden via menu View->Toolbars, it is shown after MC restart.
3. If Drives toolbar was hidden via menu View->Toolbars, it is shown again after Language change and MC restart.


Request. If "Forward keys to commandline" option enabled and Commandline bar is hidden, automaticaly show it when user types text and hide it again after command execution.

Beta Releases / 2.6.1125 Bugs
« on: July 17, 2012, 14:00:39 »
1. Picture viewer stretch does not always work correctly (see pics)

2. Localization.

a. Explorer panel s.435 "Selection status area" is translatable, but always displayed in english.
b. List elements "Show free space", "Show used space" for free space area are untranslatable
c. "View filter", "Network" and "Network browse method" are also untranslatable.

3. It is not always possible to open folders in the list by double click


Also with drive dropdown list disabled it is inconvenient to go to ftp, net or reg. One have to type "net:", "reg:", "ftp:" in the path field. Maybe add these buttons to drive buttons panel?

Support and Feedback / 2.5.1 bugs
« on: July 03, 2012, 14:19:36 »
1. File types setup.

- Press [Add]
- Type something in "Program parameters" and "File extensions"
- Press [...] to Select program
- Choose program and press OK.

Result: "Program parameters" and "File extensions" fields are cleared.

2. There are no translation strings for "Core Settings > Filesystem > Network"

Support and Feedback / Listview mode improvement
« on: June 18, 2012, 07:16:00 »
Look at the attached pic.

There are 2 columns. And extensions in the 2nd column aren't visible. In "other file manager" there is a solution:
when you move file cursor to the 2nd column, the first column is gone and the second takes its place. The rest files are then in the new 2nd coumn. And when you reach the last file in the directory, there will be only one column.

Support and Feedback / Line numbers in multiviewer
« on: June 16, 2012, 20:14:48 »
Just noticed that with "Word wrap" enabled line number is showed for the each wrapping of a line.
E.g. in AkelPad and Notepad++ line number is showed only once. See pic.

Maybe it is by design but looks a little bit confusing:)

Support and Feedback / Quicklaunch bugs
« on: June 16, 2012, 19:25:53 »
Quicklaunch bugs related to WinXP with themes disabled still remain.

1. Focus around buttons with "Allow - rearrange buttons" enabled (see pic)
2. When you move mouse to the edge of the MC window and get resize cursor, then move mouse back to Quicklaunch, cursor remains instead of becoming arrow

MC v2.5

Beta Releases / 2.5 Beta - Build 1106 - Questions
« on: May 27, 2012, 17:56:07 »
1. How do i make list view mode default?

2. In list view mode when i press right arrow, focus cursor eventually goes to the very last file. But if i then press left arrow, focus cursor goes only to the first column but not to the top position.

3. Is it possible to change toolbar icons size?

Beta Releases / 2.5 Beta - Build 1101 - Bugs
« on: May 27, 2012, 12:31:37 »
Some visual misbehaviour with quick launch bar. When rearranging disabled and you try to move the button outside the bar, focus rectangle remains after releasing mouse button.

Script / _FindFirstFile strange behaviour
« on: May 14, 2012, 13:53:32 »
I have the following code:

Code: [Select]
$s = AskText("Enter file name", "New file.txt", 0);
Log(0, 10, GetSourcePath() + $s);
Log(0, 10, _findfirstfile(GetSourcePath() + $s));

When i pass exact file name fo _FindFirstFile function, it finds nothing. But when i pass file mask, it finds that file:

Code: [Select]
012-05-14 15:46:21.192 D:\1\New file 1.txt
2012-05-14 15:46:21.192 Script engine - _FindFirstFile : 'D:\1\' - 'New file 1.txt'
2012-05-14 15:46:21.192 Script engine - _FindFirstFile found nothing
2012-05-14 15:46:21.192
2012-05-14 15:46:32.052 D:\1\*.txt
2012-05-14 15:46:32.052 Script engine - _FindFirstFile : 'D:\1\' - '*.txt'
2012-05-14 15:46:32.052 Script engine - Match found _FindFirstFile found : 'D:\1\New file 1.txt'
2012-05-14 15:46:32.052 D:\1\New file 1.txt

Is it a bug?


P.S. Where can i find list of the internal commands like _FindFirstFile? I haven't found it in online documentation. Maybe i've overlooked?

Enabling "Store script in external script file" option makes it possible to choose script file. But when i choose file, nothing is loaded and file name field remains empty. If i then write script and press "Save", script is cleared.

The only way to make it work is write script file name manually.

Beta Releases / 2.1.0 bugs/wrong behaviour
« on: March 19, 2012, 05:22:21 »
1. Disabled option 'Remember selected files/folders' works only for same level folders. Example.
Code: [Select]
If you select some items, then go to folder1 or folder2 and then come back, selection is cleared. But if you go to parent folder or other folder via command (address) line and then return, selection remains.

2. Changing keys for 'Go to top'/'Go to bottom' has side effect. I set Shift+Alt+T, Shift+Alt+B respectively and when i press them i not only go to top/bottom but also get files/folders selected. (I have Commander Look'n'Feel enabled)

3. It seems that Option 'Icon size' has no translation string.

4. It is impossible to go to parent folder of a remote share via 'Enter' key or DoubleClick. Example.
I go to '\\Computer'. There are 2 shared folders: [Folder1] and [Folder2]. If i go to e.g. [Folder1], then i can't go back by pressing 'Enter' or Double clicking on [..]. I can return only by pressing 'Backspace' key

5. Language export. I've just noticed that language files for extensions are placed in Config subfolder of each Extension folder inside exported archive. So simple unpacking probably is not the right thing to do. Why not keep original structure?


Btw, why do color settings for Folder tree differs from ones for File List?

Support and Feedback / How to use unpacking filter correctly?
« on: January 01, 2012, 16:57:40 »
I have an archive with some files which have no extensions. How do i unpack them?
Filter "*." (without quotes) doesn't work.

Beta Releases / 2.0.0 beta bugs
« on: December 28, 2011, 11:17:31 »
Here are some bugs i've just discovered in 2.0 beta

I. Multi-Rename tool

1. Hints aren't displayed.
2. Live preview works even if unchecked.
3. "Error! - Name Conflict" string exists in resource file but displayed in english.
4. When you go from "Previous Rename Sessions" to "Renamed Files" list, the selection in "Previous Rename Sessions" is lost, so it is impossible to detect which session is selected.

II. File viewer

1. It seems that Auto Reload doesn't work. If you modify the file being viewed, it is not updated in viewer. Only when you select "Reload" and then click, the content is updated.
2. There are no translation strings for Selection popup menu (Highlight - Add, Highligth - Clear, ... etc)


UPD1: Module rules in Multi-Rename don't work. E.g. [N][?core.size] rule neither updates preview nor actually renames the file.

UPD2: Plug-in profile manager.
1. There is no translation string for the caption of this dialog
2. If you create new profile with the existing name (e.g. "Test"), no rename suggested. Instead a new profile is created, so there are 2 "Test" profiles. And when you save it, previous profile settings are overwritten. So when you open the manager again, there is only one "Test" profile with last settings and the first one is lost.

UPD3. File Types manger
1. [Reset] action causes MC crash.
2. It is impossible (i can't find out how) to save new profile
  a. [Save] does nothing
  b. [Add] suggests to save currently editing profile but doesn't save. You can press it endlessly without success.
3. Some (all?) original english translation files are ANSI although they have encoding="UTF-8" xml parameter, so e.g. in Picture rotating dialog Unicode degree symbol "°" looks like two symbols "Вє"

Support and Feedback / User commands, hotkeys
« on: December 05, 2011, 08:11:41 »
Hotkeys. See pic.

When assigning alias to the command:
1. If there is an alias with the specified name, another one is created even if existing alias has the same command. So it is possible to create unlimited number of doubled aliases
2. If the command already has an alias, and you specify new alias name, a new alias is created but not assigned to the command.
E.g. you have command with alias 'c1', then you change it in User Commands dialog to 'c2'. Alias 'c2' is created. But if you exit this dialog, then enter it again, you will see that command has again 'c1' alias.

Suggestion for p1. If specified alias already exists, then:
1. If it has different command - create new alias
2. If the command is the same - DO NOT create new alias

Support and Feedback / File operations
« on: December 02, 2011, 07:42:01 »

1. Whatever i select in 'Add file/folder permissions', i get full control
2. If i apply 'Take ownership' on the file i own, an error appears 'Access Denied! Admin permissions....' If a file has other owner, no error occurs and change is done successfully. Maybe there should not be error message on own files?



File panel is not refreshed after ecnode/decode operations

MC 1.2.1 b876

Support and Feedback / File Verifier (checksums)
« on: November 21, 2011, 14:28:41 »
I've created md5-checksum file and md5-compare file (both containing one file, say test1.txt and test2.txt). Then i renamed original files to _test1.txt and _test2.txt and started comparing/creating. I expected to get error message showing 2 missing files.
a. If i check both checksum nodes or only Compare node, i get a choice dialog (see pic.)
b. If i check only md5-file node, i get message "All OK, Verified files 0"

2. There is a menu item Copy checksum to clipboard, but translation string is missing

Support and Feedback / Creating links
« on: November 18, 2011, 12:17:45 »
1. I'm able to create only junctions, sym and hard links are not created.
2. For multiple files resulting path mask is wrong (see pic.)
3. Following links for delete operation deletes only files even if option "Keep empty folders" is uncheked.
4. E.g. i have the following folder structure:
Code: [Select]
c:\test\1\2\3and a junction
Code: [Select]
d:\test\test_c -> [J] C:\test
When i delete a junction following link, MC shows "Access denied" for the folder 3. I press [Skip All], but then it shows the error again for folders 2 and 1. When i delete real folders there are no errors

5. Setting "Follow link" doesn't work for calculating dir size.

P.S. MC v1.2.1 b868, WinXP SP3 Professional RUS

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Some MultiDataViewer FRs
« on: October 19, 2011, 20:22:09 »
1. Don't highlight/select address in hex view

2. Highlight hex strings
If i'm in Hex view, i can highligth hex values only by typing text representation in highlight field.
E.g. i have a text file with 'as' text:
Code: [Select]
00000000 61 73           as
If i type as in highlight field, both text and hex values will be highlighted, but if i type 61 73 - nothing will be highlighted.

3. Select Hex Strings.
Something like 'Copy as hex string' in main/context menu to copy
So in above mentioned case 61 73 would be copied (as a string but not raw bytes combination because it's not a hex editor).

Is there any way to do so? I tried quotes but without success.

Support and Feedback / Empty explorer panel after closing all tabs
« on: October 19, 2011, 18:11:29 »
Close all tab on the explorer panel and you'll get empty panel with only ability to create another tab via context menu.

MC v1.2.1 b857

Support and Feedback / Audio tools
« on: October 13, 2011, 15:22:37 »
I removed tags from some files, so i've got N files changed. But if i remove tags from the same files again i still have N files changed. Why they are not skipped?

P.S. Video tools config has the same strings as the audio config. Are they needed?

Support and Feedback / FTP
« on: October 12, 2011, 06:49:04 »
1. Is ftp connection through proxy supported?

2. When i press [Connect] in Quick connect dialog, nothing happens but that dialog appears once again, and only after i press [Connect] again MC tries to connect.

3. If i check 'Add to bookmarks' option in Quick connect dialog, the server is added to the but is not displayed in the explorer panel until manually refreshed.

4. I'm not sure what 'Remember site' option in Quick connect dialog means. I thought that it should keep entered data in this dialog after closing. But the data remains even if option is unchecked.

5. It is possible to create nameless profile in 'Site manager' but impossible to delete it, because it is not displayed in the list of 'Site manager'. Only by editing config file.

6. Connections in FTP filesystem are displayed like folders. I tried to delete test connection, but instead of deleting FTP-profile, MC showed me long progress bar and began to delete something. At the moment i don't know whether something has been deleted or it was just 'fake' deleting. But it scared me :)

PS. MC 1.2.1 Build 857

Support and Feedback / MultiDataViewer Configuration
« on: October 10, 2011, 18:38:13 »
1. [Update] button stays disabled when filter text or/and 'Mathc full path' is changed
2. [...] button near filter is always disabled
3. [Add/Create] button in Color formatting is always disabled
4. 'Normal' and 'Hover' captions in Hyperlinks stays are displayed in english although I've translated them.

Support and Feedback / Some fs-registry related issues
« on: October 08, 2011, 18:13:05 »
1. How can i edit registry param? I can create but have no idea how to edit.

2. Enter some registry path with existing parameters (i've created test path and params for experiments). Now open Windows registry editor and enter the same path. Now edit some parameters ans return to MC. Exit the path and enter it again - all values remains unchanged until you manually refresh the panel view.

3. I think some actions should be disabled for fs-registry (and other specific plugins). E.g. it is impossible to change file attributes or pack registry parameters

Moreover, they may have unpredictable results. Example.
a) Open Windows registry editor, create some test folder.
b) Create two different keys with the same data. E.g "Param1" with type REG_SZ and value "test", and "Param2" with type REG_BINARY and value "74 00 65 00 73 00 74 00 00 00" (all without quotes).
c) In MC pack this folder to some disk path, then delete this folder in registry and unpack from archive
Result: there are 2 these parameters in the folder but both have type REG_SZ

I haven't explored much but i suppose that such 'unusual' actions may even sometimes be dangerous.

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