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Support and Feedback / Re: Simple tree and file pane view
« on: May 08, 2023, 08:01:36 »
Hejsan Mathias

Why can I not get a nice and simple tree and list view as you have in your online manual? (See the attachment).
I am forced to have a 2. list view that I don't use, because "Split size 0/100 or 100/0" can not be saved between sessions.
What is the trick you use?

You can show that tree by pressing the tree icon on the toolbar inside in explorer panel. That screenshot is just a cut to show that panel. not the entire application.
MC always has 2 panel. It is designed around this concept where the "other" panel is always the default target for different operation. This is very efficient if you are a keyboard user and do not want to use the mouse unless when you really need to.
So therefor 0/100 and 100/0 split is not supported. Even if you do a 0/100 split there might be a panel showing that is hidden that you can do stuff to without knowing it.
There are tricks to get around it and do it..  By settings this in an auto load script. but then you are going out of the way to do it manually, and then I hope you fully understand the risk.

Support and Feedback / Re: sorting folders by date
« on: May 05, 2023, 13:34:27 »
Not sure what you mean
But you click the column header to sort by that column,
You can also in Explorer Panel settings under the "Sorting and Columns" section you can change if files and folders should be sorted separately

Hover preview have no settings. There is no setting that remembered if it should be on/off between starts. it is always off when MC starts.

Yes. keep an eye on it and see if it happens again and what you did around that time.

Is this a new function? I've never seen this before, and I don't have a toolbar with this button. Also, this option is not available in the settings. And I can't find this button. Just pressing Alt+Q enables and disables this function.

It newer

I don't use ALT+Q in any other program. It's something that started after an update was made to MC. Suddenly I discovered that contents in a folder were displayed when the mouse pointed towards it and I saw the new feature called the hover preview. It gets automatically switched on from time to time, especially when I switch to and browse external drives. I did save the MC configuration with the function switched off and that seemed to solve it for a short period of time. Unfortunately yesterday I discovered the function problem again.

I hope someone knows how to solve this, as I find it an awfully irritating feature. Aside from that, MC works fine and does the job perfectly.

I edited my posts to clarify it's the hover preview function.
It is only turned on manually and it does not save any settings for it. It is only used for the session until toggled off.
And there is nothing that automatically turns it on like a settings for always on or something like that. Only way to turn it on it to click the icon or shortcut key

So I don't know how it can just turn on for you. Something must send a message to MC to turn it on, You don't run any other program that hook them self into the MC processes ?
Thinking that it might be some message id conflict for that app that hook them self into MC and that app..

It will toggle on with Alt+Q.. You maybe have Alt+Q for some other program so that you sometimes press that when MC is in focus ?

The -AutoRun parameter is sent to the instance you are starting. If "only allow single instance" is active. Then MC is already running and will then not call the AutoRun command.

You can command Hotkeys inside MC to user defined commands.

The Read/Write stratergy are mostly for performance reasons.
Windows takes care of the low end part for read/writing data and to make sure that data is written correctly.
So unless there are some issue with the HW there should be no risk of write errors. Todays drives actually write a lot of errors that are corrected automatically by the drive.

But some drives and Hardware will work faster if buffers are at some sizes, and if cache are used or not used and thinks like that.
Or if read and writes are done at the same time if you are using two different drives.
Most of the time it is fast to bypass the cache if you are writing large files. Since there is no need for it to be cached. Unless you are also doing lots of other work on the drive and want it to be caches so it is flushed to the drives in large blocks..
The data pass many layers of hardware/'hardware drivers' before they are actually written on the disk. And if one layer does not support some optimization, it will not be faster, but would still be written correctly.

Support and Feedback / Re: some mp4 videos do not get thumbnails
« on: April 21, 2023, 08:16:00 »
MC do not create thumbnail for mp4 it self.. It asks Windows for them. You can enable logging of the thumbnail process in the Core Settings > FileSystem (tab), And then it might log if there was some error. might be that the file was used by anohter process or something.
Or if there are a lot of them, they are queue and can take time to be processed

Support and Feedback / Re: Why does the File Edit etc disappear?
« on: April 11, 2023, 11:06:41 »
I am sorry, I had a stroke and it means I have aphasia.

Ctrl+M, at last! :)
Ahh Yes Ctrl+M will toggle the entire menu bar on/off

Support and Feedback / Re: Why does the File Edit etc disappear?
« on: April 10, 2023, 20:51:50 »
Disappear ? not suer what you mean.

Men you can access file edit command on many ways.

Menu > File > Edit File

Press "Edit File" icon on Toolbar ( Icon num 13, next to the icon that has a Magnifying glass )

Press the Edit icon on the Button bar.. (button 4 on first row )

If you have commander styled look'n'feel press hot key F4, for Windows Explorer styled setup, it is F9

Right click or Right button double click (depending on setup. ) and from Popup menu  "MultiCommander > Edit File"

Beta Releases / Re: v13.0 **BETA**
« on: April 09, 2023, 01:07:24 »
Hi Mathias. - thanks for the new beta.

But is the latest not 2943 (instead of 2944 , as stated above?)
Yes you are correct. I have modified it

Beta Releases / v13.0 **BETA**
« on: March 29, 2023, 12:00:48 »
Not many new things. (I been very busy and have not had much time to spend on MC)
But there is some new features, The big one is the Data Preview Panel. It is like the Hover Data Preview but instead of showing data preview in a hover window, it will be shown in a panel.
Also you can now drag and drop files on a tab header to make that tab go to that location and if dropped in empty tab area a new tab is opened.

+ 45 Changes

-- Build 2950 - 2023-06-02
 ADDED - Dialog warning about not enougth free space when starting a copy operation will ow show how mush is needed and how much additional free space is needed
 ADDED - Device that are marked as offline will now be skipped on a couple of situations.
 FIXED - 1 Stability issue

-- Build 2948 - 2023-05-22
 FIXED -  When renaming and file is open by other process, MC will now have an action to retry in the error dialog.
 ADDED -  Will try to ask Windows if a Remote device is availible. Sometimes Windows will report as availible even if it is not.
          But when it does report it as disconnected. MC will not hang waiting for a timeout at startup

-- Build 2946
 FIXED - Publish system, 64bit version in now package into correct update files.

-- Build 2945
 ADDED - When Previewing images in panel the image will now be fetch using WIC ( Windows Imaging component )
         instead of Windows thumbnail system since the thumbnail system always returned a squered image.
 ADDED - Data Preview in panel can now take focus. Allowing for wheelzoom when preview is showing text
 ADDED - Better dark mode support for Data Preview
 CHANGE- PASV is now default for new FTP connections
 ADDED - Foldertree can now customize font size
 ADDED - Middle click on folder in tree will open folder on other panel
 ADDED - Foldertree expand/collapse icon changed
 FIXED - Issue when canceling FTP quick connect dialog
 FIXED - Editing large QWORD Regvalue in REG:
 FIXED - 2 Stability issue

-- Build 2943 - 2023-03-31
 FIXED - Language pack submit now works again
 FIXED - Packing 7z archive, The progress bar will now work better.
            However it will not show current file being packed since the newer 7z used packs files in parallel
 FIXED - 2 Stability issues

-- Build 2942 - 2023-03-28
 ADDED - DataPreview can now also be shown inside a Panel
 ADDED - Dropping file/folder on tab header that tab will go to that folder and file
 ADDED - Dropping file/folder on empty tab area and a new tab will be opened for that folder and file
 FIXED - 3 Stability issues

Support and Feedback / Re: Multiupdate failure
« on: March 29, 2023, 10:03:14 »
Fixed now

Support and Feedback / Re: "Quick Look'n Feel" resets to defaults
« on: March 27, 2023, 13:46:54 »
I think that was it  :D
I haven't seen the problem for some time now.

All I did was to add the folder
as an exclusion to Microsoft Defender Antivirus scans.

It's a bit annoying that Microsoft considers MultiCommander "potentially unwanted software"!

That is a bit weird..  specially since you do not have any executable files there.  Just text files (xml)

Support and Feedback / Re: Update the Microsoft store version?
« on: March 22, 2023, 08:16:39 »
It is coming. It failed auto validation when publishing new version. So I needed to rework how somethings works. MS changes rules sometimes on what APIs you are allowed to use for Store apps..

unless you disabled it,
just start typing and what you type ends up in the command line field..and if you type a path there.. and press return.. The panel in focus will go to there.

Ctrl+E will move focus to the Path field in active panel. and you can changed path there too

Support and Feedback / Re: "Quick Look'n Feel" resets to defaults
« on: March 17, 2023, 18:37:55 »
Thats very strange. I never seen that.

MC will restore the file if they are missing when starting.
But there is not other function in MC that will revert them.

Support and Feedback / Re: internal error?
« on: February 27, 2023, 22:45:21 »
I guess that it is the first time you do a copy.
Because the first time it will check devices and what type they are to check what Read/write statergy to use.

This is new behaviour, MC did not do this before, also explorer and others have no delay.:( :-[ :(
No it is not new.. it has always done this.
Windows give a list of available devices to MC, Problem is that if some of them are not fully connected.. MC is not notified of that.
So when MC tries to get information, Windows will try to connect.. and try and try and try.. until it gives up and returns back the control to MC.
Windows Explorer is using the Windows shell. and it also does this. BUT it is happening in the background.

Why do you have this unconnected devices. what are they ?  Network devices does cant be accessed ?

Support and Feedback / Re: internal error?
« on: February 27, 2023, 19:42:21 »
I guess that it is the first time you do a copy.
Because the first time it will check devices and what type they are to check what Read/write statergy to use.

And as during startup. If you got devices that MC see as available. but are not.. Then MC will hang a while until windows timeout the operation.

in Core Settings > FileSystem > Tweak
You can select devices to hide. Devices here will not be checked at startup. However I do think they are check the first time you do a copy..

Support and Feedback / Re: A new problem
« on: February 27, 2023, 19:28:49 »
I have change nothing... but I have no right panel... I really like Multicommander, but with these problems popping up, I might have to switch to a different app
You just double click on the tab area or right click to there to open a new tab.

Never seen the one panel just disappear..   Maybe something is corrupted with the autostart data, Ctrl+L and you see the logwindow. and there might be more information there.

Support and Feedback / Re: How to change the tab color?
« on: February 27, 2023, 19:25:29 »

The current tab color in my setup is so faint when the tab is not active, I cant read what it says. Please see the image. Is there a way to change the BG and the text color for those?

And I would also recommend to check the "Solid color" option in the color settings.

Announcements and News / Re: New WebPage (But still the same)
« on: February 27, 2023, 19:12:02 »
Mathias, the page with old downloads doesn't work.
Ah thanks. will fix directly

Should work now

Announcements and News / Re: New WebPage (But still the same)
« on: February 27, 2023, 19:11:39 »
Great, nice work. Looks quite good. Small glitch on main page in Portrait modus on tablet. See picture...

The webpage it is optimized for desktop.. I will not spend to much time fixing it for smaller screen. I hate messing with CSS. it is frustrating. I'm no Web frontend expert so to much time is required for me to fix that.

Documentation / Documentation - GitHub
« on: February 23, 2023, 18:30:43 »
If you want to contribute to the documentation it is available on GitHub at

Announcements and News / New WebPage (But still the same)
« on: February 23, 2023, 11:56:16 »
The Webpage is now rebuilt. , It should look almost the same.

Before it was running using a CMS system called Drupal,  But using a CMS system like that was overkill for a simple page like that.
so now it is way simpler. And also easier for me to maintain and update and it also support HTTPS now.

I tried to keep the same layout and style. But there are some changes.
If you find any issues please report it.

The documentation page of the website is now moved to static pages so they will go up on GitHub ( so it will be easier to update and to accept contributions to the documentation, Some parts of the documentation is missing and some parts are not 100% correct anymore :) I my time is limited.

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