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Feature Requests and Suggestions / Ctrl+PgDn to enter file as archive
« on: October 31, 2016, 09:41:07 »
Total Commander have very useful feature - I can use a Ctrl+PgDn to enter on any file as archive. For example, file named, but this is zip archive for real. I select that file and press Ctrl+PgDn and I can see content that file and work with it like any regular archive file. If that file not archive - TC simply don't enter. This funtion is not limited to zip, I can do that with any supported archive format.

I've experienced strange bug with updating from stable to beta version. I use MultiUpdate for update and after update completed MC doesn't start with error message which complain for broken configuration. I copied MC from C: drive to D: drive and update installed without any problem, afterwards MC start as usual. Very interesting moment: MC updated to beta flawless on other PC and on my USB stick. All my MC copies is portable versions.

All my PC runs Windows 8.1.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / MTP support
« on: May 31, 2014, 07:35:47 »
Another feature is missed - MTP (Multimedia Transport Protocol) support. Use with some mobile phones, media players etc. Sadly MC miss MTP :-[

Today I installed Multi Commander and enjoyed it. Good developer work, nice combination between good old Commander UI and classic Windows Explorer after few tune up. But for ideal feel I miss one feature. I mean one global directory tree for all panes. I know there are individual directory for every pane, but this is not erogonomic for. Too many screen space goes to nowhere. I read a FAQ but not found any info about that feature. If it doesn't exist hope it come to next versions.

Another idea - make MC more flat to suit Windows 8 theme. I've attached a screenshot with some difference between UI elements. I think maybe some option for take global MC styling from system theme might solve that issue.

Again big thanks to developer. MC is a treasure and more treasure because it's free.

P.S. Is there any donate?

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