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The split size is not save if you totally or almost hide one of the panels.

I tried to create a shortcut to MC on the desktop and input:
"C:\Program Files\MultiCommander (x64)\MultiCommander.exe" -AutoRun=Core.1206

Core.1206 is the Command code for "View - Full pane width". I hoped that it would be possible to execute a MC command to get a full pane startup layout without pressing CTRL+F11. It doesn't work. This could be useful and probably it is already possible but I don't know how to do it.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Folder Tree Suggestions
« on: April 15, 2024, 23:28:08 »
Hello, I just found this impressing software. I'm a keyboard user and do not want to use the mouse unless when I really need to. I also like to use both the Tree and the Explorer panel at the same time. Using a smaller laptop without a numpad I redefined Caps-Lock to Numpad / to be able to switch beetwwen the tree and the list. It works fine but it would really be nice to have the possibility to use some of the most important shortcuts when using an Explorer replacement program. I'm talking about Delete, CTRL+C, CTRL+X, CTRL+V and the Context Menu button. I understand that the main focus is the Explorer panel but Implementing this behaviour as a configuration option would be really nice and making Windows Explorer obsolete.

Nothing happens (at least for me) when pressing the Context Menu button in the Tree. You could argue that the user could be confused with if the context is the folder in the Tree or an item in the list. To help the user distinguish between these two alternatives the current context could be shown at the top of the Context Menu. I believe that MC have full control of the menu content. The same "confusion" could occur with the other keys (I personally think though that if you have set this behaviour it would be expected). Helping the user identify Clipboard content, the program could show what is put in the Clipboard on the status line. Shown there for about X seconds. I know that the Clipboard buffer can contain an "unlimited" amount of data but some "clipped" text or other info could be used.

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