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Support and Feedback / Re: Bug with build 2222
« on: August 01, 2016, 14:43:39 »
Build 2225 fixed the problem.

Thank you for your prompt attention to it!!

Support and Feedback / Re: Bug with build 2222
« on: July 29, 2016, 17:00:31 »
Yes, only registry tabs fail. Tabs for normal folders (a separate invocation of MC) work fine (and faster!).

Support and Feedback / Bug with build 2222
« on: July 29, 2016, 15:13:13 »
Just upgraded to build 2222.

This version does not load registry tabs defined with an .ini file in the command line. Instead, all the tabs are for C:\. This worked just fine in the prior version.

I have noticed that, in the left hand Author column of a forum post, under my name it says "Active Member" and under that there are three little squares colored yellow or greenish yellow. Then comes my avatar image.

What are the three little squares for?

Support and Feedback / Re: Sort problem after file rename
« on: October 09, 2014, 19:08:19 »
I have not changed any settings. Now, several days and reboots later, the sorting after rename works correctly. What's different? Nothing that I can identify.

Perhaps there is a bug in the code that causes the sort conditions to be inadvertently altered (to sort-after-rename and sort-column-1).

Support and Feedback / Re: Sort problem after file rename
« on: October 07, 2014, 17:14:26 »
As an after thought, here is my ColumnSets.xml file. This may have a bearing on it as well.

Support and Feedback / Re: Sort problem after file rename
« on: October 07, 2014, 16:57:56 »
I attached exports of my Core and Explorer Panel settings. Perhaps these will help in recreating the problem. Note that "Automatically re-sort files and folders after manual rename" is NOT checked.

Support and Feedback / Sort problem after file rename
« on: October 06, 2014, 20:22:03 »
Just installed latest version 4.6 build 1777 64-bit edition.

The following three screen shots illustrate the issue.
Image #1 - files in name order.
Image #2 - renaming one of the files.
Image #3 - sort order is not by name any more. Appears to be by Attrib.

This may have existed with the prior version(s) but I can't say for certain.

Support and Feedback / Re: Latest version broke registry edits?
« on: June 16, 2014, 20:43:47 »
Just installed the latest beta update the registry edit problem is fixed.

Support and Feedback / Latest version broke registry edits?
« on: June 11, 2014, 17:12:27 »
Just installed (a few days ago) the latest 4.3 build dated June 6 2014 for 64bit version. I can no longer edit registry values. See attachment for a picture of the error dialog that pops up when I attempt to change a value.

Now, between the time that I installed the latest MC and today, a Windows 7 update was also pushed to my machine and installed. So I'm not 100% sure that MC is the cause of the problem. But if it's not, I don't know where to look to fix it.

Of course, I have absolutely no idea how the MC code is designed and written; nor do I know anything about your development philosophy.  But would it be possible to use an already developed hex editor for displaying REG_BINARY data?  Something like the Hex Editor OCX control available here, thus saving you a whole lot of time and effort?

Just a friendly suggestion.

P.S. The project I work on uses a portion of the code of that OCX editor (or maybe a similar one, I can't remember) to  imbed in one of our internal development/debug tools.  It works great.

(1) Pre-select the value data when the Edit Registry Value dialog is displayed.  While using Microsoft's "regedit" program, when you want to change a value of an item from, for example, 0 to 1, you can use the numeric key pad and press keys Enter 1 Enter.  Very quick and easy because when the edit dialog comes up, the value data is pre-selected.  When the MC edit dialog is displayed, the cursor is at the end of the data value causing the user to have to back-space, Ctrl+A, or Ctrl+Shift+Home to select all the data; the key sequence becomes Enter Ctrl+A 1 Enter.  Now if some users like it the way it is now, then how about adding the "regedit way" to a check box on one of the settings screens.

(2) Display REG_BINARY data showing ASCII (ANSI?) characters in the Edit Registry Value dialog.  Again, this functionality should be similar to Microsoft's "regedit" program.  The regedit Value data box looks something like this:
0000  01 07 00 23 27 00 00 23  ...#'..#
0008  27 00 00 07 00 00 00 05  '......
0010  3C 00 41 00 44 00 55 00  <.A.D.U.
0018  3E 00 13 27 00 00 FF 00  >..'....
0020  00 00 0B 3C 00 4F 00 76  ...<.O.v
0028  00 65 00 72 00 73 00 70  .e.r.s.p
0030  00 65 00 65 00 64 00 3E  .e.e.d.>

Notice that one can easily pick out the Unicode strings.

Support and Feedback / Sort by attribute not working?
« on: December 16, 2011, 17:24:24 »
The attribute column is shown (by the little arrowhead) to be sorted in ascending order.  However, when a new folder is opened, the file list is not sorted by the attribute column at all - it seems to be sorted by file name.  See the first attached image.

Then when I click the attribute column header twice to re-sort in ascending order, the file list order is changed, but it is still not sorted by attributes.  See the second attached image.

Note that the first image is the beginning of the file list while the second image is the end of the file list.

Support and Feedback / I like the registry functionality!!
« on: December 09, 2011, 16:14:08 »
First time using the registry view/edit capabilities.  I love it.  Especially for the work I do.  I have tried other registry managers and, for my purposes, they all sucked.  The MCs ability to open different keys in the left and right pane is just fantastic for my work.  With the editor supplied by Microsoft, I had to frequently flip back and forth between keys and write stuff down; a major pain.  Not so with MC!!

Thanks for this great feature!

I figured out why.

Key thing I noticed was that sometimes they stacked, sometimes not.

What you said about the Main windows always stacking was the clincher.

The reason my MCs don't always stack is that I'm frequently launching them with different parameters specifying different .ini files.  If I launch multiple MCs with the same parameters, they stack as expected, but in their own stack which is different than the Main window stack.

Not the behavior I would want from Microsoft.

Sorry to have bothered you with this non-problem.

(continuation of prior reply)

Then I selected "Edit --> Compare Folders, Select Newest".

The the attached image shows part of the results.  Again, on both left and right panes, files are selected that have the same date and time. (for this image, the left pane shows two selected files and the right shows three).

I installed build 876.

It does not appear to work any better.  Again, I am comparing Windows 7 NTFS folder with a USB Sandisk Cruzer FAT32 folder.

I selected "Edit --> Compare Folders, Select Missing".

See the 1st attached image. 
The file "IPod Shuffle 2nd Generation..." is selected in left pane (NTFS) correctly because it is not in the right pane (FAT32).
The file "Just reset it.pdf" selected in the left pane also exists in the right pane.  It should not be selected?

This is just one example of many that are selected in the left pane but also exist in the right pane.  The 2nd attached image contains another example.

(see subsequent reply for a continuation of this since size of three gif files exceeded 192KB limit)

Yes it does!

Thank you.

Tried latest build with the -T= parameter.

Seems to work good!

I would have preferred a complete replacement of the existing title with the -T title, but what you have now is better than what it was before.

Thanks for the enhancement!


Doesn't seem to be working for me unless I am misunderstanding something.  Please see attached desktop image.


The file set on the right pane is from a FAT32 Sandisk USB drive, while the file set on the left pane is from Windows 7 NTFS.

Would that explain it?

If so, then if I copy a file from NTFS to FAT32 USB drive, then do a Select Newest and it flags the FAT32 file as being newer, then I can't use MC for this purpose?  If so, is there a way do dumb-down the compare function such that time is compared based on the most coarse of the NTFS or FAT32 systems?  In other words, when comparing file systems with different resolutions on time, dumb-down the higher resolution time to to lower resolution precision.

It appears that that is not what's happening.  Look at the attached image.  The light-blue files in the right pane are "selected" along with the dark-blue ones in the left pane.

(1) Why is ccsetup312.exe is selected in both panes when the dates are the same?
(2) Why is selected in the right-pane only when the dates are the same?
(3) Why is CodeMaid_v0.3.7.msi selected in the left-pane when it does not exist in the right-pane?
(4) From the doco for Select Newest, none of the selected files shown in the left-pane or right-pane should be selected?

Or am I grossly misunderstanding this?

I even repeated the Select Newest command, thinking that I must have hit something else instead.  But, no, what is shown in the image is what I got for Select Newest.


I do a "Compare Folders, Select newest" and:

(1) exactly the same file, with the same size and date, shows up selected in both panes (neither should be?),

(2) exactly the same file, with the same size and date, is selected in one pane and not the other (neither should be?),

(3) I would have expected, based on the documentation, only files in common with both left and right pane to be a candidate for selection, but left-pane and right-pane only files are also selected.

See attached screen image.

The on-line doco:

Compare Folders, Select Newest

Will find files/folder that exist in both panels and select only the newest of them.

I've been using MC for a number of months now.  But I still think I am a noob with it.  I am trying to edit the button matrices to create my own useful buttons.

The problem that I am having is that if I don't get the button dialog information just exactly right, when I try clicking the button to test it, the MC program almost always crashes.

Kinda frustrating and discourages me from wanting to experiment with them.

The vertical clipping of the Path window observed on higher DPI settings appears to be gone.  Good job!

Don't know if this oddity is related or not.

When Font sizes for Path and Filelist are set to the same value, one would expect the appearance of the text to be the same for the respective windows.  However, this is not the case (Windows7).  See the attached images.  One image shows the font sizes for Path and Filelist both set to 9 and the resultant size of the Path window text is so small it can't be read while the Filelist window is good.  The other image shows the font size for Path set to 16 while Filelist remains at 9.  This produces about the same results for both windows (the "I" is about 10 pixels in height for both).

This is probably not a high priority item, it just seems wrong that it behaves this way.

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