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Apologies in advance if this has been asked before but a search didn't show me...

What would it take to be able to dock the button panel in between the left and right file panels? Since monitors are so much wider these days (for those that keep them in landscape at least) it'd be less mouse movements to go down to the bottom rather than just go to a button(s) in between the two windows. Detaching the button panel doesn't really do it as it would either be covering up the regular window or be in an even more obnoxious place. I don't know if all 32 buttons could be squeezed (squozed?) in to a single column of buttons but I guess that would be a function of how tall the MC window was in the first place anyway. Or have a skinny scroll bar so it wouldn't take up too much room perhaps. Personally I'm only using 16 buttons anyway as it is...


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