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Hi Matthias....
I was looking this feature in MC but I can't find it just like Windows Explorer do (see attachment).

I've found only customized column layout for Pictures folder, Music folders etc. And I found that customized column layout didn't work on my settings. (please see attachment). The blue rectangle, as you can see, I set Dimension and EXIF Date, but didn't shown on autoload.

Thanks in advance

Could anybody here help me how to use that tool properly?
In first screenshot, there are bunch of image files, and MC sort those properly. FYI, I sort those files by EXIF date taken.
In second screenshot, when I add new subfolder01, MC still can sort those files properly.
My problem is when I add a new subfolder02, as shown screenshot number 3, MC can't sort those files properly.
Please see the screenshot below.
How do I fix this?

Thanks in advance.
Sorry for my bad english.

Is there any setting to do that just like Windows Explorer do?
For an example, if we copy file(s) by Ctrl-C and then go to different folder then paste by Ctrl-V, file(s) that have just been copied not highlighted.

Thanks in advance

Support and Feedback / [SOLVED] [WTA] Windows+E binding
« on: July 20, 2016, 15:06:40 »
Hi forum...
How can I do that? Replace Windows+E key to run MC? I tried AutoHotKey, but I dont like it.

Or... maybe this feature will be on next version??

Thanks in advance

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