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As long as you have not turned off to now show them..All A-Z devices should be added without any issues as they are normal filesystem devices.
Is there something special with your setup ? Are they Normal mounted network shared a device letter ?

Is it not in any list or just in some places (Device dropdown, Folder Tree, Device Toolbar ) ?
Are you running MC as Admin ?  (network shares are by default not shared between normal and network share session in some Windows setups)

I have need seen any issue. But it depends on your system and how much the FileSystem is updated. If the FileSystem is triggerd for refresh constantly it need to rescan and do lots of stuff. Getting icons if needed, color items. sort data and such. and depending on AV some AV is hook into a process and their work is shown in process they hook them self into.
I don't think MC doing 100% cpu on one thread, MC is actually using multiple threads when scanning.

Also MC is trying to do everything as fast as possible that result on higher CPU for a shorter time instead of doing it slower and using less CPU under a longer time.

You can do":UnwatchFolder  <Folder path>" in the command line field to force a path not to be monitored for changed and then you need to do a manual refresh to get it activated
or type ":autorefresh 0" to disable all auto refreshes

Or you can disable item colors and icons to make the refresh do less work

And why dont you just use Alt+F4 for exit? Its faster than pressing Ctrl while clicking menu. Press enter for the message is maybe the same work like CTRL press. Sometimes should configs also working for other users which dont know all the tricks. Therefore remove the message just, this is the easiest method for a solution.

Alt+F4 will minimize to tray.   (If that option is on..)  Menu > File > Exit will always do an exit.

Doing search in Settings would be nice. and got it on my list, however that is a feature that is very time consuming to add. So I prioritized other stuff..

Try Beta build 2790.   Hold and press Exit will suppress confirm dialog

The issue crops up when the "Minimize to tray instead of closing" option is set in the Core settings.  One would do that so that MC is in the background and starts quickly.  The only way then to close the app is via File -> Exit.  Pressing the close window X only minimizes MC.  If you select File -> Exit you then get the following message in a message box

Sure you want to exit Multi Commander?

There is no way to suppress that message! It would be nice not to have to answer Yes every single time I want to actually exit MC given the core setting above

I don't like the idea with a settings. I'm trying to avoid settings for everything, MC is already in settings hell

But how about if you hold Ctrl key while clicking on menu > file > exit, so it will not ask if CTRL key is pressed while doing it ?

Beta Releases / Re: v11.1 ** BETA ** (Updated 5-Apr)
« on: June 04, 2021, 07:31:06 »
Hi @Mathias,

ADDED - Added new command to open folder in new tab or in other panel
ADDED - MultiCommander part in shell menu now show a command for "Open in New Tab" / "New Tab Other Panel"

I use portable version so How do I can use these items with command-line?
Thank you so much your the best File Manager
There is already command line commands for that, the /OPEN parameter when running single instance.. ( )
This is internal commands. (so you can assign hotkeys) and menu commands in shell popup menu

That is strange, I can't recreate that. Works for me here

I did this.

* Go to Customize Columns
* Select Picture profile
* Add the download folder to "Autoload on path"
* Save Changes
* Go to download from the device dropdown..
= Picture column are added

The "Correct Folder Date/Time tool"  does exactly what it say.. It changes the date/time of FOLDERS. It does not change the date/time of files. and the folder will get the datetime of the latest folder/files in that folder.

The sorting error can't be related to the datetime for the sorting.
I'm not able to recreate that sorting error.. Does it happen always ?  If you do a refresh does it fix it self ?  Is it everywhere or only on some locations ?

Support and Feedback / Re: Font sizes
« on: May 28, 2021, 08:32:37 »
The scale is already at 125%. I made an attempt at 150%, but many parts of the screen were not visible.
The drop-down font is readable, but as you say they are cut off at part of the text, as their width is not adapted.
This is the problem that would appear on the whole system with 150% -and some applications would not even have any place on the screen.
In fact there are only two parts that are still written too little : the menus, and the tips window at opening.
It is quite possible that the solution would be to go back to Windows XP, that did not arise all those problems.

If some parts are too big when doing 150% that is probably because you changed some sizes before, because all this sizes are scaled +150% too.
A Friend with bad eyesight uses large monitor and 200% scaling. and he does almost no other settings changes in Windows.. some minor font tweaks in some programs. like changing font from 9pt to 12pt.. so minor changes..since all this changes are affected by the scaling too... a font that is 9pt will be drawn as 18pt with 200% scaling active.

Standard menubar is nothing that the program it self can change. It is controlled by windows.

It would be nice to have a Configuration option to bypass the "are you sure you want to exit" dialog when selecting file -> exit

It is especially useful in the scenario where one has opted to minimize rather than close MC

File > Exit will do a real exit even if minimize to tray is active, so that you CAN do a real exit.

Why not just click the X button instead of digging into a menu or (Alt+F4)  that will now show a warning. (unless a file operation is running in the background)

Beta Releases / Re: v11.1 ** BETA ** (Updated 5-Apr)
« on: May 26, 2021, 07:54:55 »
Hi Mathias.

Can you tell me where I can download the zip installer for portable MultiCommander_x64_Update_(

The beta is not available as a installer yet, Final should be ready soon. Only have a couple of minor things to fix before release.

Support and Feedback / Re: Font sizes
« on: May 25, 2021, 08:16:04 »
Hello, thank you for your answer.
Of course, the first thing I did when receiving my machine was to increase the Windows standard font size. But I am afraid this is common to the whole system, and any new change that side will destabilize the whole display of the system.
After increasing the standard font size of the system, I had to increase the fonts to display each application. I began by Visual Studio, then the application for xml display needed a new version to solve this problem.
Maybe I have a memory problem, as the fonts settings are grouped, and you already indicated it to me for the files lists.
I should have said I saw only one font size before asking the question, and I see four ones now. But that seems strange, more probably my remembering lacks precision.
Now, I can read the sizes that are written down the tabs, that can be useful.
About the disks lists (Alt F1, Alt F2), are they affected by one of those four font sizes ?
For your information, it seems the texts in French, in the settings, for the labels in front of each font size, are maybe somewhat larger than those you wrote in English, so I only see the beginnings, and I have to guess what comes after that (some drop-down lists have that problem too). As there are only four font sizes, it is not a big problem as I can test all four, until I find the good one.
Do you think there is a possibility to choose the font for the menus ?
Yours faithfully
(I tried to put a screen copy, but it does not appear on the preview ; it is a png picture, it seems it should do it.)

Increase system font is not the best way to go these day. making only the font bigger will not solve everything since all UI components need to be larger.
Best way is to increase all is the Windows Scaling, this is like a zoom of all apps. 

In MC not all fonts can be change. They are also only changed for minor adjustment and style.  Changing the font in size too much and they will be cut-off in some places. Since the UI around it are not changed. 
But if Windows scaling is change then all this UI is also bigger.

The Dropdown font can't be change, It is set to the height of the UI in the place that the component is places. and that height is scaled depending on Windows Scaling settings.

(If the post is years old. please create a new post, instead of replay to it ;) )

No tooltip font size can current be changed. It is on the list. but not possible yet

Support and Feedback / Re: Font sizes
« on: May 19, 2021, 07:59:05 »
If you see bad then all program on Windows should need to be larger then you really should increase the scaling factor in Windows, This will make all UI elements in all programs larger. And MC respect this settings.

Explorer Settings are in MC.. Menu > Configurations > Explorer Panel Settings and you can change some of the fonts there. But if it is a large change you need then Windows Scaling will do a better job since more then fonts are changed.
It is settings for whats inside the Explorer Panel.  (Tab that show file system)

Support and Feedback / Re: MC can't see my Nextcloud folder
« on: May 18, 2021, 11:54:01 »
The folder might have hidden och system attribute set. Press the icon to the left of the color wheel icon on the toolbar to change so hidden files are shown.

I left my PC on over the weekend with it trying to load, and both the installed and the portable version did eventually open....but I have no idea how long it took.

I tried your suggestion, waited 10-15 minutes while it hung trying to boot, and it finally started.  Not really sure if that's quicker than before, but it's more information at least.

I took a cursory look through the logs and I found an operation that looks like it took about 12 minutes:
2021-05-10 10:44:32.725 Use extra UI thread for progress dialogs : 0
2021-05-10 10:56:47.573 Dropbox appdata folder not found : "C:\Users\**USERNAME**\AppData\Roaming\Dropbox"

I'm not sure what's going on here because I'm not using Dropbox on this PC.  I will say that I am using OneDrive, and in the drop down selection with all of my drives, there's a blank line that takes me to C:\Users\**USERNAME**\OneDrive\.  There may have been an update to OneDrive that's causing problems, maybe???

Do you have any other suggestion? Any way to disable this Dropbox check, or from it trying to load up OneDrive?

It can't have to do with dropbox. it only check if that dropbox db file exists.
There are lots of stuff happening before that point. and if you increse loglevel in core settings you see a lot more.
Like it adds all available devices ( A:-Z:), maybe some of the device are stalled network devices so windows lock up on them until they timeout.

Compile this:
Code: [Select]
#include <glob.h>
int main (void)
glob_t globbuf;
glob("*", GLOB_NOSORT, NULL, &globbuf);
return 0;
and link with standard Cygwin's DLL. Running resulting program in any directory does the trick. And I don't think that any hidden fopen() calls are involved.

Don't know what they are doing. But I think they are opening the files to get file information, while normal Windows API will get all that information from the directory entry without opening every individual file handle. The directory entry is updated when a file is closed. And all this are because of performance improvements of NTFS. Opening every single file will make a dir scan a lot slower.. Specially over the network.

Also MC is not using cygwin and will not including cygwin into MC just to break how NTFS work. This would also require MC to scan the filesystem twice. since the file information from cygwin is limited compared to what Windows has.

Alt-tabbing and trying other various thing is revealing no messagebox showing up.  Usually there would be a sound associated with those boxes when they pop up, yeah?  Because I'm not getting that sound either.  If it's really popping up behind the splash screen, I've no way to access it.  Is there an alternative solution or workaround here? or another way to find out what the error could be?

I should say that I also tried downloading the portable version and tried to run that as well, but is unfortunately doing the same thing.

Is there any other information that would be helpful?  Windows OS build numbers? Any particular settings?

Probably a configuration file is corrupt.
try rename (to .bak)
C:\Users\[**USERNAME**]\AppData\Roaming\MultiCommander\Config\ExplorerPanel.xml   ( or MultiCommander.xml )  And it wil revert that file into a default one,  rename it to .bak instead of delete then you can restore it if it was not that file

While trying to run MultiCommander (v11.0, build 2770) the popup window reports "Reading MultiCommander Configuration", but then never moves past this and hangs indefinitely.

Anyone else experience this?  I've also uploaded a .DMP file in hopes that someone can take a look and see why it's hanging.
I checked the dumpfile. it is "hanged" because a messagebox is shown because of some error. I can't se why. Why you don't see the messagebox directly might be that is some way gets shown behind the splash screen

This is now NTFS work. It is a optimization in the filesystem.. But if a forced open of the file is done before the file is completed Windows will then flush the data it has so far. However this can slow down the writing of data or make it split it into more segment making it more fragmented.

Auto force opening all files on refresh would be slow. The whole refresh process would be slower and it will also destroy the reason why NTFS is doing this. There is reason why Windows does this.

Support and Feedback / Re: Clicking multiple files for moving
« on: April 29, 2021, 07:49:18 »
I have not seen that. And I'm not able to recreate it.

What kind of mouse setup are you using in MC? Windows Explorer Styled ? or Commander Styled?  have you customized any option on how mouse/selection work your self ?

Support and Feedback / Re: Default location on new tabs?
« on: April 28, 2021, 14:25:03 »
Explorer Panel settings. under the Tab section.  There is a settings what you want the default path (and other default settings ) to be for new tabs that you create

Support and Feedback / Re: Get search result in same panel
« on: April 28, 2021, 07:48:00 »
You can create a UserDefinedCommmand of type "CustomCommand" that do

MC.FileSearch.Search PANEL=ACTIVE

Then connect that command to a menu/hotkey

Dropbox / OneDrive / GDrive is supported to show up in the Tree/Dropdown/Device toolbar (unless you in configuration selected to not show them)

It is impossible to say why it does not work.
Try to download the portable version, if that works then there might be something in the configuration that got corrupted. If portable version is also not working. Then it is likely somethings with you machine/setup that is wrong, maybe that was caused the crash you had.

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