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Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: Descript.ion and files.bbs
« on: August 25, 2017, 05:34:04 »
Thank you a lot Mathias!

I agree it is not worth adding all the features until somebody asks for them. Basic support: set/change description for a file/directory, and show/hide a column to display it. It is sufficient for 99% of time. Even FAR (I do not remember how it was done in its predecessor Dos Navigator) does not copy description always when a file is copied - it copies description only if the description column is shown - and nobody complains. So, automatic copying/deleting descriptions is not a must-have.

Best regards,

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Descript.ion and files.bbs
« on: August 21, 2017, 20:15:46 »

I am also interested in supporting these two files in any file commander. Right now I use FAR - it supports descript.ion and files.bbs ones. The old discussion is marked closed, so I created a new one to add my 2 cents - to describe some more about the feature.

As a simple description file I used to:
1. I download photos from my camera and set a name for a new folder to date when I take photos to keep my collection sorted by date. Then I add a full description for the folder to descript.ion. Frm one hand, I can name a folder in a way '<date> - description' but it has some drawbacks(at least character set is limited, e.g I cannot use ':', '\' etc). Sometimes I add an extra into to certain photos but I do it rarely. Doing this way, I do not need any photo application to read what the photos about

2. I play 'Heroes of might and magic III and IV'. After playing a new map I want to add a short description for the map for the future. I do not know any other way to do it besides using descript.ion/files.bbs

And as an extra usage of decript.ion that I saw in one FAR plugin that I see interesting:
The plugin allows to add tags for files. And then after calling the plugin you get a virtual file system structure that show each tag as separate folder. So, you can browse files separated by your rules. I am not sure it is very useful but I used it for a while.
The descipt.ion/files.bss format for the plugin (it does not break the files.bss usage without plugin):
"file name" file description | tag1, tag2,tag3
Only file name uses quotes because file name can include a space character. From the other hand, the description can be quoted as well since it can contain a pipe character

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