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Script / AskOption "editable" option
« on: July 06, 2016, 16:02:20 »
(re)Hello Matthias,

I need a AskText with a dropdown list.
Or a AskOption where I can freely enter text.

That is a ComboBox  ::)

Could you add one argument to the AskText function so that we can give an array of values to be shown in the dropdown list ?
<num> AskText( <str> label, <str> inputText, <num> option, <arr> values, <num> selected );
values : An array of strings or numbers that will be shown in the dropdown list.

Note: With the AskText, how can I know if the user pressed cancel or entered "0" ?  :-\

Thank you!!!


Script / MC.FileSearch.Search HIDE option not taken into account
« on: July 06, 2016, 15:27:40 »
Hello Matthias,

I can't seem to be able to have the HIDE option taken into account with the following command:
MC.FileSearch.Search SEARCHIN="${sourcepath}" SEARCHFOR="*.*" CONTENT="{$arg(0)}" HIDE AUTOSTART

Is this only me ?  :-[

Best regards,


Hello Matthias,

You will soon understand that I'm an heavy user of the "Find Files" part of MC  :P
98% of my searches are on Content while many people will probably search on name.

When one opens the "Find Files", the "Look for" field is empty.
If you click "Start", no file will be found.

Could you please implement at least one of the following:
  • Set the "Look for" field to the value entered in that field last time the "Start" button was clicked
  • Ignore the "Look for" condition if the "Look for" field is empty
  • Set the "Look for" field to "*.*" by default (when "Wildcard" mode is choosen)

In my opinion (1) and (2) should both be implemented.

Thank you (very much),



I use to select multiple files with [Space][Space][Space][Space] key sequence.
To be able to do so in MultiCommander, I set the "Explorer Panel" setting "Toggle Selection and move to next item" to be mapped on [Space].

This works fine in the Explorer Panel.

Unfortunately, when in a  File Search results list, my [Space] key only select the file but do not move to the next item.

Could you pleaaase make this setting acting for both the "Explorer Panel" and the "File Search Result Panel" (I don't know how to name it) ?
If this setting cannot be global to those 2 "panels", can you add such setting to the "File Search Result Panel" ?

Thank you,


Hello Matthias,

I'm an heavy user of the "File Search", searching based on File Content exclusively.
I'm searching through logs all day long and therefore heavily depends on opening MultiDataViewer on the File Search results.

I'm using the version 6.2 and can't get MultiDataViewer herit of the "search string" in its Highlight and Find fields.

Is there something changed? I'm sure this was working the last time I tried.

Best regards,


I'm using the FTP plugin a lot (hence miss the CTRL-P  :'( ) and found what I think is a bug.

On the left panel, I open a connection using the FTP plugin.
On the right panel, I'm on \\any\unc\.

If I do not touch my FTP connection for a while, I get disconnected by the server.
The bug is that at that time both panels jump to C:\  :-[
The feature request is that you implement "keep connection alive" (this may be a option of the plugin but I could not find the plugin option). Please do not enable this "keep connection alive" on registered connections only (understand: as an option of the connection) because I'm most of the time connecting by pasting the ftp address in the address bar.

Best regards,



I tried storing this kind of url as a favorite but it fails:

It works if I put this in the address bar of MC. I guess you can already handle this kind of url in some parts of your code.

Could you please implement/correct this ?

Best regards,



I sending many files to people through FTP and use to copy the url of the file(s) into a mail that I sent to the people waiting for those files.

The CTRL-P shortcut (and associated) do not work for FTP files.
It copies: 0:\folder1\folder2\file1.ext
Instead of:
Or better (in my case):

Can you implement one of those ?

Thank you,


You currently allow a shortcut for "Go to current path on the active side on the opposite side"
Could you please add the possibility to have a "Go to current path on the opposite side on the active side" ?

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Forbid last tab to be closed.
« on: August 27, 2013, 15:15:37 »
It would be nice to have an option to forbid the last tab to be closed.


I use MultiDataViewer a LOT and for each file I open, I need to maximize it.
Can you make the Options/SavePosition save the maximize status too ?

Thank you very much,


Feature Requests and Suggestions / Search result navigation
« on: August 27, 2013, 01:37:44 »

As said in another post, I abuse the search (ALT-F7) as most of my day is searching through logs.

I usually:
- ALT-F7 : to open the search window
- CTRL-X : To expand the search window
Wish 1 (High) : I would like to have MC remember if the last search window was expanded or not
- CTRL-C : To search on file content
Wish 2 (Low) : This shortcut is conflicting with the 'copy' windows shortcut. Why don't you use ALT-C as it is usually done to navigate between controls ?
Wish 3 (Low) : If the search window is not expanded, CTRL-C might expand the search window and put the control on the search on file content field.
- ENTER : To launch the search
Wish 4 (Low) : Once the search button is pressed (or when I hit 'Enter'), the search dialog should remain the active control to accept the 'esc' keyboard shortcut. As of now, I need to clic it in order to close it.

Once the search listed the files containing the searched string, I go through the files in the search list and view them with the F3 launching the viewer.
This opens the viewer and highlight the searched term.
Wish 5 (High) : I would like that by default, upon opening from the search list, the viewer has the search string in the Find field. This way, it is really quick to jump to the line containing the text I searched for (from the search file list, I press F3 to view the file and press F3 to jump to the first occurence of that string).

Wish 6 (High) : From within the file viewer, I would like to be able to move to the next file in the search file list using any keyboard shortcut. You may use 'Space' for next file and 'Backspace' for previous file.
This would make my log navigation incredibly fast.

Would you please consider my wishes 1, 5 and 6 ?

Thank you very much.


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