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Beta Releases / File context menu doesn't work on 4.5.1766
« on: August 13, 2014, 16:54:25 »
I press right mouse button, see a rolling cursor for 2 seconds and then the MC window goes back and some other window appears on top. But no menu. If I press RMB on a folder, everything works OK.
On version 4.4.1725 menu works right. Can't tell you, when it appeared, couldn't get previous beta version. But I haven't notice such behavior before. Ask, if you need any additional info.
Thank you.

Script / Some misbehaving
« on: June 27, 2014, 21:34:33 »
Tonight I wanted to make something like god old xcopy script for fast backing up my C drive files and folders to make it easy to restore later.
I've started with string handling functions and got some problems:
1. In example to PathGetParts function see, that should get a drive, a path and a file/folder name in the array. But I get the path with drive in the Path cell somehow. Here's what I do:
Code: [Select]
@var $leftselection = GetSourceFocusPath();
@var $pathparts = PathGetParts($leftselection);
//$pathparts[1] shows me "C:\Users\...\and so on", in user manual it looks like "Users\...\and so on"
Where is a mistake?
2. On some part I want to concatenate some strings. I write obvious thing:
Code: [Select]
@var $targetpath = $rightdir + "\" + $leftdrive + "\" +$leftrelpath;
//all vars are strings
, but I get no result. If I use
Code: [Select]
@var $targetpath = $rightdir + "\" + $leftdrive;
$targetpath = $targetpath + "\" +$leftrelpath;
, it works fine. Should it work like this?
3. Finally, I've managed to kill MC with my crazy code (it is not correct to make what I want, but its syntax is ok and should work fine):
Code: [Select]
@var $leftdir = GetSourcePath();
MessageBox("leftdir", $leftdir, 0);
@var $leftselection = GetSourceFocusPath();
MessageBox("leftselection", $leftselection, 0);
@var $pathparts = PathGetParts($leftselection);
@var $rightdir = StrTrimRight(GetTargetPath(), "\");
MessageBox("rightdir", $rightdir, 0);
@var $leftdrive = StrTrimRight($pathparts[0], ":\");
MessageBox("leftdrive", $leftdrive, 0);
MessageBox("pathparts[0]", $pathparts[0], 0);
MessageBox("pathparts[1]", $pathparts[1], 0);
MessageBox("pathparts[2]", $pathparts[2], 0);
@var $leftrelpath = StrTrimRight($pathparts[1], "\");
MessageBox("leftrelpath", $leftrelpath, 0);
@var $targetpath = $rightdir + "\" + $leftdrive;
$targetpath = $targetpath + "\" +$leftrelpath;
MessageBox("targetpath", $targetpath, 0);
CopyFile($targetpath + "\*", $leftselection, "");
The CopyFile command causes crash after I press Cancel. The target path is wrong, but anyway, I cancel the operation so MC shouldn't crash.
That's all for now, see you later ;)

Hi again.
This time I plugged in an usb stick when MC was minimized to tray. After I restored MC, I couldn't find my USB device either in the panel or in combobox. Opening my cmputer in win explorer didn't help, refreshing tab didn't help. Entering G: to the adress line opens the device, but still it doesn't appear anywhere.

Support and Feedback / Minor issues
« on: January 13, 2014, 08:37:20 »
Finally we see v4.
That's what I see here from first look:
  • Single click on the tray icon always show the window in its last size before minimize. So if I minimize the window not in full screen size, then show the window by pressing the tray icon, then maximize it and then press the tray icon again, the window will restore to not full screen. As I feel, it should just show me the window, not change its size.
  • Single click tray icon only shows the window. maybe it should also hide it if the window is on top and active? Maybe an option?
  • File -> Exit shows a confirmation dialog while context menu item on the tray icon "Close MC" will just close. Would be great to have an option to disable that confirmation to use user defined hotkey for exitting. Moreover, why doesn't that confirmation close on Esc?
  • A typo in russian language.
Thank you for all you do, I see many things become better. ;)

Support and Feedback / FTP issues
« on: December 21, 2013, 05:24:36 »
Hi again.
I want to tell about some problems with FTP connection.
  • First of all, it's bad, that I have to enter user and password in connection properties. If I don't enter and server needs authentication, I get error
Code: [Select]
2013-12-21 08:17:18 > USER
2013-12-21 08:17:18 < 501 Syntax error
2013-12-21 08:17:18 = Command failed
  • The second problem appeares when I work with it - copy to or from a server. It just stops somewhen and tells me that somwthing wrong and I have to restart the process. Can I get some extended FTP log to know what the problem is?
Thank you.

Support and Feedback / Double lines in panel
« on: December 20, 2013, 18:18:24 »
I've noticed, that sometimes when I open a directory, MC makes 2 copies of lines in view list. And I can choose all of them with cursor. Happens only to directories as I remember.
Addition: Wow, it's even worse. I only had "Scaleform" directory there, and MC listed all that. It only disappeares after refreshing, I can reopen that dir and everythin will be same until I refresh.

Support and Feedback / File search on-fly + "busy" cursor problem
« on: October 28, 2013, 07:05:50 »
I continue using MC, I like it. Now I see 2 more problems:
  • Sometimes my cursor begins to change to "busy" state and back. It changes ~2 times per second and stops only after restart MC. It only changes when mouse is above MC window. It doesn't зкумуте MC to work correctly, but it's very annoying.
  • When I want to focus some file in a forlder with a paticular name in russian, I type it letter by letter. When it's lowercase - all works OK. But when the first letter is uppercase, the search doesn't work. I have to press Shift+1st letter first, more above, I have to do it twice for some reason. E.g.: to search Мопед.xls I need to press Shift+М, +М, о, п... It seems to me that this is not the right way of action.
Thank you.

MC v 64bit, Win7x64

Support and Feedback / Some feedback and notices
« on: October 07, 2013, 12:06:57 »
The MC is very nice styled and easy to understand and use for me. Thank you very much for this manager!
I have something to say about what I feel and what I found. (Sorry, if this topic should be in Requests and Suggestions forums, please, feel free to move it there).
  • When you use "Save clipboard to a file" feature (Ctrl+V), you have a dialog with settings. If you confirm by mouse button, the bottom button panel will stay toggled by Ctrl modifier auntill you press something. And please, add the information about how to use this feature in tip #17 (press Ctrl+V to bla-bla...), it's not obvious.
  • Add mid mouse button action for path above the pane and for device buttons in the tool panel. It should open clicked element in another tab (or maybe pane).
  • Add Ctrl+Drag'n'Drop action for panel tabs to duplicate them easily with mouse, not only move to another pane.
  • Add "Add user command" button to hotkeys configuration dialog. Now it's hard to find where to add a new user hotkey (it's in another menu item "User defined commands").
  • Make tray icon single-clickable. And let it minimize the window if it is visible and on top now.
  • Tip #23:
    You can loading selection from file that you create your self. The file just need to be a normal text file with a file or folder to match on every line, it also supports wildcards.
    Should be written like this: "You can load selection from a file, created by yourself. It must be a text file, each line of which is a string that will match a file or folder name. Wildcards are supported also." Better to clarify, if the file is ANSI or Unicode.
  • If I use the view filter in the bottom of a pane, it tells me how many items are hidden. That would be nice, if this message is clickable and pressing it I'd have my filter inverted. For example, I filtered "*.exe". Then I pressed the message "10 hidden" and the filter changes to "-*.exe". That's intuitive and easy way.
  • Tip #28:
    You can filter what will be removed when doing delete on files and folders. You specify what files delete.
    It shoud sound like this: "When you delete files and folders, you can use filter to specify what files and folders to delete."
  • Is A-Z sorting configured to sort only folders, not files by default?
  • Add configuration for draggind files with Shift and Ctrl. In windows explorer Shift+Drag means Move, Ctrl+Drag means Copy, Ctrl+Shift+Drag means create shortcut. In MultiCommander it differes. So it would be nice to customize this behavior.
  • Would be nice to customize tabs' position (top/bottom/left/right) and style if possible. As for me, it's very incomfortable to access bottom tabs line, because other controls are in the top.
  • And finally, add some dark colour preset, the colouring feature is very nice.
Thank you!
Best regards,

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