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Support and Feedback / Need help with MultiRename
« on: August 26, 2016, 12:37:58 »
hello everyone I am new to this forum. but i have using Multi Commender for a while now. i must say i love it and Use multi Commender daily. the problem I'm haveing is with MultiRename when i Put like 10 folders in MultiRename and Add a Tag the tag gets added to every folder. the issue is when i click on start... one or two folders get changed with the tag name and on the rest of the folders it says "Faild to Rename"

i must be doing something wrong here. if anyone could help me with this issue i would really appreciate it. please explain to me how to successfully add tags to 10 or more folders at once. without getting the error "Faild to Rename"

sorry for my bad English

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