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Feature Requests and Suggestions / How to REPLACE Win 10 File Explorer
« on: September 07, 2017, 22:41:56 »
Is there a way to copy in MultiCommander to completely replace the default file explorer in the Win 10 system?

If not, would it not be an interesting option to consider including?

(Directory Opus apparently have this option in their Pro version)

Support and Feedback / Paste not working when renaming file
« on: December 18, 2015, 12:28:36 »
I'm not sure if this is a Multi Commander issue or something strange in my system right now.

Anyways, I just noticed the following strange behaviour:

Pressing F2 to rename a file and then pressing Ctrl-V will NOT paste in the string previously copied,
it will just delete the filename (just as if I had pressed Del instead of Ctrl-V).

This only happens in Multi Commander. I can use Ctrl-V to paste into a text editor with no problem.

The file rename is otherwise working as normal, eg. writing in the new filename from
the keyboard works as expected.

Anybody had this? Any ideas?

Feature Requests and Suggestions / File Search Confusion
« on: March 05, 2013, 12:23:17 »
I just spent quite a while searching for the search operation in the interface.
I finally found it under the "Extensions" menu.

It's surprising to me to see what I think is a basic functionality in the "Extensions" area.
Of course it is no problem for me now, that i know it, but it could be for others.
Any chance to give it a more natural home in the tree, such as under "File" or "Edit"?

Another thing that caused confusion: There is an icon with a magnifying glass in the toolbar.
If my experience is anything to go by, the magnifying glass usually represents Searching.

The right-click-drag and drop Copy operation works fine when you copy or move from one directory to another.

BUT, when right-clicking and dragging, wanting to do a "copy here" within the same directory, the "drop" part
of the operation is disabled while the mouse pointer is hovering over existing files in that directory.

If there are only a few files in that directory this is not a problem. You just head south with the pointer
to the empty area below the files and there you can do a "drop" and select "copy here" in the popup.
But if there are many files in the directory the list of files will take up the entire panel and there is no
empty area at the bottom. This means that the "drop" operation is disabled in the entire panel and
there doesn't seem to be a way to do a "copy here" at all within such directories.

As I said in another post. Copying "here" to duplicate files within the same directory is almost a daily
operation in my case, and I suspect for many others, so it would be good to have it work a little more

I am posting this as a new feature request since I haven't found a setting
to get around it in the current Ver 2.8.2. But if I am missing something please let me know.

First, I have disabled the annoying prompt dialogues when copying and moving files.
They don't really serve any useful purpose and just cause a lot of extra clicking.

BUT, there is a special case: When right-clicking and doing "copy here" to create a
duplicate file within the same directory - NOW I get a message that there is already
a file with the same name. Of course there is - that's the whole point - but am not
given a chance to rename the new copy, the copy operation just fails.

I generally have to revert to the horrible windows file explorer to do this, or copy
to a different directory first, then rename and copy back. All of which is a very
cumbersome way of doing things.

Creating duplicates of an existing file is something I do fairly frequently, and I suspect
a lot of others do as well, so I think there is a good business case for having this
detail fixed.

More specifically, the functionality I am requesting is:
- When copying files and there is filename-conflict with an existing target file: Prompt for a new filename, don't just fail the operation.
   (even if the prompt dialogue has been disabled for non-conflicting copy operations - the dialogue is not needed there)

There is another feature I am missing with "copy here", but I'll write a separate post for that.

Running MC 64-bit build Aug 19 2012 on Win7-64.

I have set Date Display format to "Standard" and also restarted MultiCommander,
but it is still displaying file dates as "Today", "Monday" etc. instead of the full date format.

I have tried a fair number of file navigators over the years and I am always on the lookout for new ones, since MS for some reason chose to supply a pure crap "explorer" to go with Windows out of the box. The one in XP, though limited and eminently improvable, was the last one worth having.

I just stumbled over Multi Commander today and I must say it's one of the most promising-looking efforts I have seen so far. It really is. It seems to have most of the features I like to see in a file manager.

Then I have to rant a little about a couple of things I think need fixing:

1. The Favorites/Bookmarking function. I see this is already in the list of suggested improvements. Very good to see it as number one on the list. I'd just like to stress that it's very important to fix this, it's the most glaring gap in the tool at the moment imho. The existing "Hot Paths" feature is useful, but with only 10 paths, non-editable and a flat structure it is too limited (apologies if I am missing something). For a bookmarking system worth its salt it's essential to have editable bookmarks in a tree structure, with similar functions to any browser out there. I don't think it's essential that each and every one of them be accessible from an individual keyboard hotkey, sticking to this philosophy is just going to put unnecessary limitations on your design.

2. I see some "Swenglish" here and there, and some language inconsistencies that should be fixed eg. selecting "Vertical Layout" in fact selects something that many people, myself included, would call Horizontal. Maybe some people see it the other way around. I'm not sure which camp is in the majority. In fact, this difficulty could be neatly avoided by having a toggle function instead: "Toggle Vertical/Horizontal layout". That would always be correct whichever way you look at it.

3. This is a function I would use once in a blue moon (though we did in fact have a blue moon the other day ha ha), thus low priority and not a big issue: The animation that happens when changing View->Split size to another setting can be a little annoying. It was very slow and clunky-looking on one computer, but quicker and OK on another. I'd prefer to turn this animation off. (apologies if it is already possible to turn off, I haven't checked through everything yet)

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