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Support and Feedback / Font in DeviceDropdown
« on: December 14, 2020, 20:56:24 »
Dear Mathias!

I join to this feedback: font in DropDown Device Menu has become too large. For me, it doesn't fit the common UI of MC now.
Also, the icons right to this DropDown Menu (such as folder tree, eject, etc.) seem to try to autoscale with this string, leading to they (icons) stretch with lost of quality (could be seen on the attached screen).
As I understand, it could be fixed a little by setting Free Space Fonts size to lower value. I barely could say this is a way out, because, the Free Space become absolutely unreadable itself.
Could You please fix this or even add a checkbox to turn of Autoscaling, and another field for adjusting DropDown Device Menu Font Size, and for Command LIne font Size? :)

MC is the best!
Thank you so much!

BTW:  1920:1080,   125%, Win10 2H20

Add: with XP edition of MC (ver.9.8 ) everything is alright! Fonts are OK!  Please, fix it in the latest actual version! Thank You a lot again!
Add2: regarding a discussion about Settings hell - I suppose MC is a tool for power PC user usually. So it is better to have this settings. Anyway there is always a default values, which would be acceptable for most of the people, and the rest will adjust it! Just remember, a lot of professional programs have tons of settings and it is never an issue )

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