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There are only 3 timestamps on files/folders.
"change time" and "modified time" is the same.  only different name

change time is not the same as modified time.

Change time updates e.g. on NTFS file systems with file/folder if only the name is changed. With modified time the content must be changed, then it is updated. There are clear differences.

According to this site robocopy.exe and Far Manager can do it.


unfortunately I have not found an easy and quick way to translate Multi Commander into my language or to send improvements.

There is no translation project page for Multi Commander in general.

Can you create a translation project page for Multi Commander at I think it should be free or very cheap.

Hello Multi Commander currently supports only atime (access time), crtime (creation time) and mtime (modified time).

Please add ctime (change time) to the column.

I am using Multi Commander 10.2.0 (Build 2745) portable version.

When I create a new folder, the folder has 0 byte. When I copy this 0 byte folder to another path (click F4 on the keyboard), the copied 0 byte folder is set to current time. Of course in the copy window I have selected the option that the timestamp must be kept.

When I do the same with files or folders with files there are no problems.

It is a bug.

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