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Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: Hover and Scroll With Mouse
« on: October 14, 2013, 07:18:36 »

Oh, that's nice, thank you. Is there any chance to check readiness of a network drive before resetting the path to c:\? Usually all drives are OK, but the server can be offline or something else can happen that will make drives disconnect.

I'll add to this post: I have several network drives. If I open even one of them in a pane and then close-open MC, C:\ will be open instead.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: NEXT Version v4.x (?)
« on: October 10, 2013, 06:45:11 »
For instance, there is the Configuration -- File Coloring Rules Editor and then on the Colors tab of the Explorer Panel Settings there is the options to use that Editor. It should be easily seen that these two need to go together. To open one editor dialog and be told to use it you need to open another settings panel is needlessly obtuse and confusing.
It's the right way. But as I get it, now it's the limitation of modular structure of the program.
Also I understand the need to have separate settings panels for core and explorer, because of the modular nature of your program but what is the need to change the style of interface with different menu options?

Your tabbed panel UI for the Core and Explorer Panel settings is excellent. It looks good, is functional, clean and informative. Why can't the other dialogs and menu options also be placed in similar tabbed panels? It would present a more unified and clean look.

So File Coloring Rules Editor -- into a tabbed panel
The author is moving that way, I think. It's just because all is done via plugins.
Quick Look'n'Feel -- scrap it. It can be accomplished just as well with the saved/exported configurations from the other methods
I don't think LNF is bad idea. It's the key for those who don't like lots of settings and searching those settings. And for those who come from WinExplorer, not from TotalCommander. I think it's good solution.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: NEXT Version v4.x (?)
« on: October 09, 2013, 08:42:24 »
I agree with previous message about the bottom button panel. It isn't very important for me, but it could add some gracefulness and individuality to the interface.
What about configuration issues, I'll rejoin:
1) Configuration -- Quick Look'n'Feel Setup -- Customize -- Colors -- (choose from the list)
Too many clicks and changes of interface even within this one setting. File menu to new dialog to another new dialog and then a dropdown list.
Maybe the last dialog is unnecessary (it's possible to add those dropdown lists to the previous dialog), but the option is called Look'n'Feel, it have to change lot's of settings. Maybe it should be reworked to 3 radiobuttons and those 4 dropdown menus, which will reflect the radiobuttons' change (i.e. you choose "MC style" and 4 dropdown menus change their items to "Commander style....", if you change dropdown lists manually, radiobutton "Customize" will be active). Here's some kind of example (in attachment).
2) Configuration -- Explorer Panel Settings -- Display or Layout of Colors (choose Display and then...) Fonts... As well as these options there is a button on the bottom of this new panel to "Import" a new scheme which loads a new dialog with another dropdown list to select a scheme.
As with 1) too many different changes in interface to edit settings: menu options to dialogs to tabbed panels to more dropdown lists and buttons.

Selecting one of those schemes changed the font colors but nothing else which meant my previous layout of the Quick Look'n'Feel setup of alternating colors now had some text with same background color. Other elements also changed to undesirable styles and there is no option to restore the layout, color or style to "factory" settings. I now have to figure out which style element was changed by which option menu.
I believe that the way it's made to choose tabs and then a dialog with the dropdown list is quite logical and easy to manage (it was clear to me). Maybe Core settings and panel settings should be mixed to one menu item and be shown together. Maybe it's a bit long way to click, but it's custom settings. You can do the trick from Look'n'Feel menu without opening settings at all. Most users do it that way, I guess.
I didn't use all Look'n'Feel options (I'm used to do all setting 1 by 1 in full list), I just chose WinExplorer style. But if different settings are made to colours from customization panel and from Look'n'Feel tool, it should be clear to a user what settings he's going to change with this or that button.

Support and Feedback / Re: Some feedback and notices
« on: October 08, 2013, 08:05:36 »
Thank you all for quick and useful replies.
  • Yes, I understand. Just to put on notice.
  • Thank you.
  • Thank you.
  • Quote
    Hmm Not sure it is possible. You must have a command in the list to assign a hotkey to it..  Having "Add User Command" there would show the UserDefinedCommand dialog and then when you saved the command you have to assign it..  I think it feels a bit backwards.
    Yes, but now it's more strange - you have to close the keyboard dialog, open UserDefinedCommand dialog, add a command, close UserDefinedCommand dialog and open keyboard dialog once more. And all this I do manually. Going to main menu twice is too long. Here's how it would look (video in attachments).
  • Thank you.
  • OK, I see. Thank you.
  • OK, will wait new changes. My idea is that when you see "10 hidden", you want to see those 10 items and click the text label. And those 10 appear on the pane.
  • OK.
  • OK. I think I've disabled it accidentally.
  • Default drag action mathces, yes. Shift toggles the action, right. But in Win Explorer Shift and Ctrl modifiers choose the action, not toggle. So when I press Shift while dragging in Win Explorer, I will always move file, and when I press Ctrl - always copy. So I don't have to look where I do that, and what kind of drag icon it shows. That is what I mean.
  • Yes, sorry, I didn't notice that option.
  • One more time I'm sorry. I didn't go to Customize in Look'n'Feel dialog to check it's solutions. I'll give my colour scheme when it's done.
Thank you for your work! Kepp it on!
Best regards,

Support and Feedback / Some feedback and notices
« on: October 07, 2013, 12:06:57 »
The MC is very nice styled and easy to understand and use for me. Thank you very much for this manager!
I have something to say about what I feel and what I found. (Sorry, if this topic should be in Requests and Suggestions forums, please, feel free to move it there).
  • When you use "Save clipboard to a file" feature (Ctrl+V), you have a dialog with settings. If you confirm by mouse button, the bottom button panel will stay toggled by Ctrl modifier auntill you press something. And please, add the information about how to use this feature in tip #17 (press Ctrl+V to bla-bla...), it's not obvious.
  • Add mid mouse button action for path above the pane and for device buttons in the tool panel. It should open clicked element in another tab (or maybe pane).
  • Add Ctrl+Drag'n'Drop action for panel tabs to duplicate them easily with mouse, not only move to another pane.
  • Add "Add user command" button to hotkeys configuration dialog. Now it's hard to find where to add a new user hotkey (it's in another menu item "User defined commands").
  • Make tray icon single-clickable. And let it minimize the window if it is visible and on top now.
  • Tip #23:
    You can loading selection from file that you create your self. The file just need to be a normal text file with a file or folder to match on every line, it also supports wildcards.
    Should be written like this: "You can load selection from a file, created by yourself. It must be a text file, each line of which is a string that will match a file or folder name. Wildcards are supported also." Better to clarify, if the file is ANSI or Unicode.
  • If I use the view filter in the bottom of a pane, it tells me how many items are hidden. That would be nice, if this message is clickable and pressing it I'd have my filter inverted. For example, I filtered "*.exe". Then I pressed the message "10 hidden" and the filter changes to "-*.exe". That's intuitive and easy way.
  • Tip #28:
    You can filter what will be removed when doing delete on files and folders. You specify what files delete.
    It shoud sound like this: "When you delete files and folders, you can use filter to specify what files and folders to delete."
  • Is A-Z sorting configured to sort only folders, not files by default?
  • Add configuration for draggind files with Shift and Ctrl. In windows explorer Shift+Drag means Move, Ctrl+Drag means Copy, Ctrl+Shift+Drag means create shortcut. In MultiCommander it differes. So it would be nice to customize this behavior.
  • Would be nice to customize tabs' position (top/bottom/left/right) and style if possible. As for me, it's very incomfortable to access bottom tabs line, because other controls are in the top.
  • And finally, add some dark colour preset, the colouring feature is very nice.
Thank you!
Best regards,

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