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I was trying to create a keyboard Shortcut, but i didn't find a possibility.

Since which release save MC the File Focus Information tonthe MCTAB-Files? My older files don't contain such useless information.
I was scared about that after every restart the focus is on a very old file.
Please remove this new feature again.

I deleted just all focus informations from the files.

This new feature is imo useless.

When attempting to rename a file and need to select the last word in the filename with double click, the word will be selected together with the filename extension. This is not good. Better is a dialog box with separate fields for filename and extension, or a better separation of filename and extension in the direct rename field.

I created a user defined command:
Code: [Select]
MC.Explorer.NewBrowser PATH="${focusfilepath}" SIDE=TARGET
And gave them the simple hotkey Right-Arrow.

This User defined command create a new tab on target panel with the path of the folder or file  in focus. This is a very useful command, i use it every day.

But the new tab start with a different size of the folder tree.

If i use Ctrl+T for creating a new tab-copy on source-panel, the size are not wrong. Also if starting a New MC instance without using the bat file the size are not wrong.

When paste a full path of a file, the file should be on focus. At time nothing in focus. For me is this a bug and no feature and i know 2 other file explorers which do it like i want. The Windows Explorer not, but the windows explorer is so bad that we should not talk about.

Moving Files in protected Folders fail when in the target folder files with the same name already exists.  Using copying in the same job works without errors.

Error Message in Logs:  2017-07-13 20:56:46.636 Failed to move file C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Cyberlink PowerDirector to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ZZ Programme (geordnet)\Medien Bilder Videos Musik\Video\Cyberlink PowerDirector ( ErrorCode 4000 )
2017-07-13 20:56:46.636 File Operations error : 4000 (10) -

Support and Feedback / Autosize Columns works not properly
« on: July 11, 2017, 18:41:33 »
If a scrollbar visible the autosize of columns will cut the last column with ... But space is enough available. This is a little bit android style....

Do not save the settings when exit will be nice. A save settings button is enough and if pressed this button the settings saved and when exit do nothing. This is good when use more than one instances and want change settings. Maybe this option should be optional because of the normal users.

Sometimes the folder tree confuse me because to much folders and drives visible, but i use the tree sometimes and in Full HD is enough space for the trees. Showing only the selected drive will be really nice. The selected drive is then on top of the tree and not somewhere.

If some Files selected and double click at another file, all selected files will be opened (when permanent selection is enabled  in commander mode), but the file on which made the double click won't be opened. This is in my eyes a bug and no feature, because only when using the enter key should all selected files be opened. It have several reasons why i don't use the windows selection mode. One reason is, i dislike 100% of the windows explorer. A other reason is, when selecting some files, maybe you need to open a file and keep selection, this is also for images needed, sometimes while selecting some images, you need to watch a image big without losing selection, and normally it works with the double click and not only with a user defined command.,1992.msg7660.html#msg7660

If making a Tab-Copy with Ctrl+T the copy will be created at the end of all opened Tabs. It will be very much better when this Tab-Copy will be created directly beside the active Tab just because a better order of the opened tabs. Maybe is also a thing like Child-Tabs possible. In Firefox i use also such a setup. If i start new tabs in firefox with ctrl and mouseclick on a link, the new tabs will be loaded in background and the first tab will be created beside the active tab and all next beside the new background tabs. Only with this config is a good internet experience possible. And when u make another tab active, firefox start again beside the active tab for loading the next background tabs. So is it possible to have more than one issus in one single window, but  use crtl+n if i search something different.... this is only for example.

I guess MC and Shark CAD won't work together. Maybe this programs using the same windows features....... Thats not good. Hoping devs won't using such windows resources.

Now i use only 3 instances. Thats enough. The third instance is for loading different tab layouts and the first and second are my main working space. MC is still the best.

What can i do to get my rename button back? In some panels it works and in some it want moving files. Its not easy to reproduce.

Mouse Click on the drive selection button have no effect. This error is in 6.9.1 and was already in 6.5 Beta.
If i create a new tab with CTRL+T it works again only for this new panel.

It removes the Modify Dates and created a new modify-date= copy-date. Most time i use BC for copying anything and MC only for starting programs/Files and Multirename, therefore i see this only sometimes...... I made another copy with BC and the Date was right. Maybe i have some thing in the settings wrong, but such a behavior need imo nobody.

My system refused to start because of a corrupt C:\Windows\System32\System (Most reason when a Windows system dont start anymore after Repair) and i attempted on a running system with MC (i dislike the command line...) to copy the windows made backup from C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBack\ to make the system running again. But MC was unable to open this folders. Then i started MC as administrator and it was possible to replace the corrupt System-File (a file without extension). Thats the history.

MC have a problem with Daylight-Savings when started as administrator. Therefore is the Administrator-Mode better than starting as Administrator. And MC is not everytime able to turn the administrator mode on if needed. When moving shortcuts on startmenu go MC correctly on administrator mode, but when trying to open special protected folders like C:\Windows\System32\config\ it don't work.

Therefore please give us a Custom Command like MC.AdminMode.
The Admin.Mode should go off when press this button again...

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Fully support of Relative Paths
« on: September 25, 2016, 16:47:10 »
I need very important a fully support of Relative Paths like %Userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\.
This i need für using the portable version on multiple systems. Then always this %Userprofile%-Paths dont work anymore because the username is not the same like my.

Script / ${sourcefocusname}
« on: June 15, 2016, 19:56:05 »
Hello, i need this Multitag without extension like .txt, just the filename without extension.

When i start a PDF from Multicommander and with Adobe Reader, and watch it in Full screen View (Ctrl+L) and end the Full Screen View also with Ctrl+L, then is the MultiCommander on Screen and not the normal View of Adobe Reader. I have no Idea why. But this bug should be fixed.  I guess it have to do with how Multicommander open Programs.

When using the 64 Bit Edition in multiple Instances, are there alot of problems with the dllhost.exe and it will slow down the whole Computer after some hours. The Menu of all programs will be slower, and the longer the computer will not be restartet the slower run it. Also Loading of Tab-layouts need then alot more time (ca. 1Tab/s). This is not because of the CPU Usage, it run also slow when 95% of cpu are free available.

I thought then i use in future just one instance, but its not really what i need and today i was testing the 32 bit edition.

The 32 bit Edition do not use the dllhost.exe and i created a batch File to start 10 Instances of MC32 Bit and it works very well and the computer go fast like fresh restartet also after hours of use.

Batch File to start multiple instances (Example)

Create some User defined Commands for loading Tab-Layouts:
Code: [Select]
MC.LoadTabs FILENAME="${mcconfigpath}\Layouts\Arbeitsplattform.mctab" REPLACE
MC.LoadTabs FILENAME="${mcconfigpath}\Layouts\Dokumente.mctab" REPLACE
MC.LoadTabs FILENAME="${mcconfigpath}\Layouts\Downloads.mctab" REPLACE
MC.LoadTabs FILENAME="${mcconfigpath}\Layouts\Internetseiten.mctab" REPLACE

Create a new Text File with Notepad2
Code: [Select]
Start "Arbeitsplattform" "C:\Program Files (x86)\MultiCommander\MultiCommander.exe" -AutoRun="Arbeitsplattform" -T="Arbeitsplattform"
Start "Dokumente" "C:\Program Files (x86)\MultiCommander\MultiCommander.exe" -AutoRun="Dokumente" -T="Dokumente"
Start "Downloads" "C:\Program Files (x86)\MultiCommander\MultiCommander.exe" -AutoRun="Downloads" -T="Downloads"
Start "Internetseiten" "C:\Program Files (x86)\MultiCommander\MultiCommander.exe" -AutoRun="Internetseiten" -T="Internetseiten"
Change the Encoding of that file to "Western European (DOS-850)"
Save the file as YourMCstartname.bat
Use this File to start multiple instances of MC with one click.

The quick-Filter should add quotation marks automatically to every searchword and using a semicolon as delimiter when using more than one searchwords for multiple filtering.

And it shoulf be another namefilter added which can use a List as Filter Criterion. The delimiter is then just a line break.
Here a example of a namefilter. The source of such searchwords is most time a Excel table.


This searchwords in this list can contain spaces. This mean, also here should the quotation marks automatically added. The number of searchwords should be infinitely.

I have found a program (BC) which contain such a filter in April 2016. But it was my idea, i posted it long time ago on the freecommander forum. :)

Moving should be so smooth like in xnview.

Pictures have inbedded thumbnails, when using this, the thumbnails are faster loaded.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Database for Thumbnails
« on: April 17, 2016, 12:19:41 »
Database for Thumbnails is needed to save thumbnails forever and wen next time watching this folder are the thumbnails very fast loaded.

When is this Feature no longer experimental? When to much Files in Folder and subfolders, MC freeze. Very important is this feature for me. I need it for moving Files from digital camera and alot more like find newest files or moving files from alot subfolders to one folder. Always if i need this feature i must use other software.

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