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I can confirm the issue.

Build 2790 was ok. I installed today 2792 and have the same problem.
With latest version of RC 11.2.2792 then REG extension(FSRegítry.dl 1.86) is broken. I cannot navigate in Windows Registry. I downgraded to v11 official then it works well
As long as you have not turned off to now show them..All A-Z devices should be added without any issues as they are normal filesystem devices.
Is there something special with your setup ? Are they Normal mounted network shared a device letter ?

Is it not in any list or just in some places (Device dropdown, Folder Tree, Device Toolbar ) ?
Are you running MC as Admin ?  (network shares are by default not shared between normal and network share session in some Windows setups)

hello Mathias,

I'm having a strange issue on one machine running win10: I have a mapped network drive on this machine yet MC does not list it among selectable drives anywhere... it's there in the windows explorer yet MC does not see it somehow   ???

right clicking in the space above the search area and ticking all the available options does not help either -- the mapped drive is nowhere to be seen in MC

what could be the reason? what can I try doing to solve the issue

thanx in advance
I think this is a bug of MC: when deleting a file on a 'substed' drive (i.e. a virtual drive created with the DOS command SUBST or by means of the DefineDosDevice Windows API function), the deleted file does not go to the recycle bin as happens when deleting a file in regular drives.
Windows Explorer sends these files to recycle bin normally.
Beta Releases / Re: v11.1 ** BETA ** (Updated 5-Apr)
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Thanks your answer.

Currently I set MC is always run: In Tray Icon of Core Setting I check "Minimize to tray instead of closing". When I set this option then I cannot restart "MC as Administrator". Could you allow to restart MC as Administrator when I enable this "Minimize to tray instead of closing"

Thank you very much for your answer. I disabled the icons (yes thats a good setup for me and i will keep it forever) and now it need 0,4& CPU instead of 6%.:) Sorry, 100%/thread was a bad estimation.
I have need seen any issue. But it depends on your system and how much the FileSystem is updated. If the FileSystem is triggerd for refresh constantly it need to rescan and do lots of stuff. Getting icons if needed, color items. sort data and such. and depending on AV some AV is hook into a process and their work is shown in process they hook them self into.
I don't think MC doing 100% cpu on one thread, MC is actually using multiple threads when scanning.

Also MC is trying to do everything as fast as possible that result on higher CPU for a shorter time instead of doing it slower and using less CPU under a longer time.

You can do":UnwatchFolder  <Folder path>" in the command line field to force a path not to be monitored for changed and then you need to do a manual refresh to get it activated
or type ":autorefresh 0" to disable all auto refreshes

Or you can disable item colors and icons to make the refresh do less work
When my Video Download Folder open and i am downloading alot of Video Content, MC need 100% CPU-Power of one CPU-Thread. It seems this is a Refresh-Glitch. Refreshing should not cause so much CPU Usage.
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