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I frequently find myself needing to copy full paths of files and paste them into programming environments (e.g. terminals, source codes, etc.). By default, Multi Commander sends Windows-style file paths where backslashes are used as delimiters between folders; unsurprisingly, most programming environments treat those as invalid paths due to the escape-semantics of the backslashes. The following script will copy full paths of currently selected files in the explorer panel and replace the backslashes with forward-slashes before sending them to the clipboard:

Code: [Select]
@var $paths = GetSelectedPaths();
@var $result = "";
@var $i;
@var $N = arrayCount($paths);
for ($i = 0; $i < $N; $i++) {
$result = $result + StrReplaceChars( $paths[$i], "\\" , "/" ) + "\n";
SetClipboardText(StrTrim($result, "\n"));

Hope people may find this useful.

Hi Mathias,

Just received the v5.8 update and wanted to say thanks --- the default sorting option for new tabs is very helpful and practically solves my problem!

A minor suggestion: though I don't need this personally, but maybe the options for default tabs can be implemented per column layout so that each layout can have separate default sorting columns (please see the attached picture for what I meant)?

Thanks again for creating such a wonderful piece of software.


Hi Mathias,

Thanks for your swift reply. The use case I was talking about is:
  • I have several tabs locked to my favourite folders;
  • the option "Open new tab when going to new location if tab is locked" from "Explorer Panel Settings > Tab" is checked
  • whenever I navigate into folders through these locked tabs, new tabs are opened automatically.
I am afraid the Multi-Script won't help in such case (unless it supports event-based extension-point/listener).

Still thank you for the update --- it's always glad to hear from the developer.


Hi Mathias,

I had been a TC user for years; I recently discovered Multi Commander and I instantly got excited --- it really feels like a quality piece of art. One of the features of MC that I loved most is the ability to sort folders together with files by date (I know some other file managers also have that but their implementations are nowhere near as fast as MC). The only problem with it is that the file explorer layout resets to sorting on file name for newly opened tabs --- I might missed something here, but if not could you allow the user to configure the default sorting column for the file explorer layouts?


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