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Support and Feedback / Question about file and folder selection
« on: December 19, 2020, 05:18:22 »
Hi there,

I'm trying Multi Commander and I'm finding myself pretty comfortable with many of its features.

One thing I haven't figure out yet though is how to select multiple files/folders using the keyboard only.

Right now, the only way I found to do it is by pressing the space bar on a file and adding other files by keeping the SHIFT key selected and moving down or up in the file list by pressing the cursor key down or up.
By doing so, I can only select files sequentially. The only way to select random files is by keeping the CTRL key selected and then click with the left mouse button.
Is there a way to use only the keyboard for this type of operation?

I'm used to Double Commander where I can select random files/folders by simply pressing the space bar and then moving in the file list with the cursor keys: DC temporarily stores the selections being made so that the user can keep adding or even removing files/folders from the selection.

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