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Pictures have inbedded thumbnails, when using this, the thumbnails are faster loaded.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Database for Thumbnails
« on: April 17, 2016, 12:19:41 »
Database for Thumbnails is needed to save thumbnails forever and wen next time watching this folder are the thumbnails very fast loaded.

When is this Feature no longer experimental? When to much Files in Folder and subfolders, MC freeze. Very important is this feature for me. I need it for moving Files from digital camera and alot more like find newest files or moving files from alot subfolders to one folder. Always if i need this feature i must use other software.

Support and Feedback / Multiple Instances and the dllhost.exe
« on: April 17, 2016, 12:06:30 »
Starting multiple instances cause dllhost.exe useing alot of CPU-time. Why is the dllhost.exe needed?

I have a AMD Fusion A6-6310, and yesterday i made a driver update to 16.15.2211-160321a-301026C, and the loading of tabs are now very fast and was slow before. Thats unbelieveable.

The driver for this machine was always a little bit faulty, my first version caused sometomes system crashes. But never i have seen that a graphic dricer update make a desktop-program faster or slower. I guess there was some other bugs.

Script / New Tab on Target Panel with File/Folder Focus Path
« on: April 04, 2016, 08:47:59 »
New Tab on Target Panel with File/Folder Focus Path
Code: [Select]
MC.Explorer.NewBrowser PATH="${focusfilepath}" SIDE=TARGET
Show the Focus File/Folder Path on Target Panel
Code: [Select]
MC.Explorer.Goto TARGET="${focusfilepath}"

Support and Feedback / Re: How to move config to portable version?
« on: April 03, 2016, 23:23:28 »
Solution: Change the File "C:\MultiCommander64\Config\MultiCommander.xml" in the second row <config global="1">

<config global="1"> means Config is in Program Folder
<config global="0"> means: "C:\Users\${Username}\AppData\Roaming\MultiCommander\Config\"

Support and Feedback / How to move config to portable version?
« on: April 03, 2016, 23:06:12 »
I made my config in integrated Version and when i now use the config in the portable version, will the portable version be changed into a integrated version. This keep me tonight from sleeping.

Support and Feedback / some bugs found
« on: April 03, 2016, 18:23:05 »
  • When moving the active Tab to other side wth the Key: "Move Tab - Move active panel to other side", the Tab-Key for changing Panel doesn´t work anymore.
  • When using: "View - Full pane width", colums won´t be reconfigurated automatically after disabling.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: Empty Space at the Bottom?
« on: April 02, 2016, 16:33:25 »
Sorry. I did´nt seen anything there. :) Maybe i should changing setup that anything run in background.

Yes nice, the Administrator Mode is a very great thing.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: Empty Space at the Bottom?
« on: April 02, 2016, 15:58:00 »
Yes, it seems this was a status row, but  isn´t any more. Now it´s just empty space.

Nice, but this history will be deleted after reboot.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Empty Space at the Bottom?
« on: April 02, 2016, 11:52:36 »
Please remove the empty space at bottom. I have a 16:9 Display and want use the full space.
Or is this space needed for something i dont know yet? Why is it not possible to place a toolbar at this space?
See also:,1361.msg4827.html#msg4827

User Contributed Content / Open focus file
« on: April 02, 2016, 11:30:06 »
Code: [Select]
MC.Run CMD="${focusfilepath}" SHELL
This is only a little thing and needed for opening just the file on focus while other files marked. This is needed when making a bigger marking-project.
maybe it can a part of default setup.

But Multirename on MTP Devices is possible, this is very nice. :)

I bought now Beyond Compare this is the right thing for me and support MTP/WPD fully. The jobs are saved there and no longer in MC. Therefore are a command to start Beyond Compare from MC for me not needed.
A alternative without MTP support but within automatic synchonizing is DirSync.

Big Problem

Windows do the instances not in one group of the windows Task-Bar when startet with different command lines. Its not matter ob using -AutoRun or -T. Every change of the command line cause, that the instance will be behandelt like another program.
Therefore, the T-command is useless for me.

I Test at time the 7+ Taskbar Tuner again, maybe this tool will allow me that the instances will be in a group again, but i dont believe that. The Taskbar Tweaker can regroup the icons with a random Program-ID. Its a must have.
The only way is that you integrate this in MC. Watch the Titles of Firefox, this are a nice example.

what is wrong with the autorun-command?
It have to be writtn AutoRun and not Autorun.

You dont need to change it, i have the solution.

I made for testing a user defined command Multiscript
Code: [Select]
MC.LoadTabs FILENAME="D:\SicherungConfigDaten\Multicommander Config\Layouts\Mytablayout1.mctab" REPLACE and called it Mytablayout1.
Code: [Select]
C:\Program Files\MultiCommander (x64)\MultiCommander.exe" -T=Mytablayout1 -Autorun=Mytablayout1 works not, but it should work i guess. what is wrong with the autorun-command? Its really better i wait for the new version with the new command.

Support and Feedback / Re: Multirename by date works not properly
« on: March 28, 2016, 20:56:55 »
Windows destroy the creation date, and when i copy some voice-memos from my mobile device, the creation date = copy date. Thats the problem. Also any pdf file from emails are saved with the creation date = date of saved the attachment. The filees will be renamed soon, so that the modify-date is like the real creation date.

Support and Feedback / Re: Multirename by date works not properly
« on: March 28, 2016, 18:19:43 »

Code: [Select]
[?ExtendedProp.datemodify-{yyyy-MM-dd| HH-mm-ss}]
Is it what you'd like to see?

P.S. See also - online doc.
Thanks alot. I guess i have to read the documentation.

Why is the creation-Date useless? Because this date is everytime changed when a file be moved or copied or downloaded from internet copied from mobile device etc.

This works not when MC already opened, and the Tab-Layout will be loaded after MC is already started. Maybe i can create Windows-Shortcuts which starting the TabLayout automatically und integrating a -T-Command in such a Commandline.

Support and Feedback / Re: Multirename by date works not properly
« on: March 28, 2016, 17:37:28 »
The problem is, that the Creation-Date of a file is not needed for renaming. But your parameter like
Code: [Select]
[Y] use the Creation Date of a file. Better is the Changing-date of a File. You just must changing the kind of Source Date which your main parameter use. The Plugins and more Parameter-Functions should just ignoring the local Date-Format.
I need a Date like 2016-03-28 18-05-05 in my files. I use such Dates later also in Excel and i need it sometimes to prevent lost dates after Editing some files.

Maybe is it possible to add it as a third party plugin. :)

Hello, to start external Programs, i need A Parameter for the Folderpath of Right panel and Left Panel. This make it possible to start a Program with the right folder. I need this for example to start the TC and use the synchronisation-Tool of it. In FC is this possible und i use it there. But FC.... is to slow.

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