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Thank you for fixing it, now it is OK.

There were no locked files. Total Commander was able to move it all (of course after entering admin password and confirming elevated privileges).

I will try to find a log record and post it here.

I wanted to move a directory from C:\Program Files to D:\Program Files. MultiCommander moved only one file and then got in stuck. Please see attached images - 1, 2, 3, 4. I had to kill the process multicommander.exe, because this couldn't be aborted.

EDIT: I've installed newer version, but there is the another problem... Error 87.
Please could you fix it?

I wanted to make a backup of my user profile to my external drive, so I started copying of entire directory C:\Users\AAAAAA, but MultiCommander crashed after a while. I was trying to discover what directory is the problem and I found out that this is the following directory containing 2589 files:

There are many files with long names, for example:

MultiCommander crashes while copying.
Could you please see to it?
I can send you those files zipped, if you want. I attached only the directory listing here.

EDIT: I sent you an error report...

In the latest beta (build1196) you now have an option to "Auto select file/folder when hovering over it" (Explorer Panel settings , Mouse tab)
I've tried latest build 1200 and it doesn't work.

EDIT: I'm sorry, actually it works, I didn't noticed it before because of the delay between hovering over an item and autoselecting it.
I think it would be better if items were autoselected instantly after hovering over them, but I know that somebody else would prefer the delay :)  so could you please add an option to select the delay (instanty, 0.25 sec, 0.5 sec, 1 sec, ...)?

Support and Feedback / problem with accessing \\tsclient\
« on: September 12, 2012, 09:45:54 »
There is a feature in mstsc (remote desktop connection client) which enables you to share your selected local drives to the server as \\tsclient\<disk letter>.
I can only access it in Multi Commander if I manually write \\tsclient\D to the path box.
Please see attached images - there is comparing with Total Commander and some notes in red color.

Support and Feedback / Re: switching tabs with left + right arrows?
« on: September 08, 2012, 19:55:51 »
OK, I can live with that   ;D

I have no problem with accidentally started files, because I click only when I want to start the file.

And yes, I would like to have that option.

Support and Feedback / switching tabs with left + right arrows?
« on: September 07, 2012, 14:35:06 »
Is it possible to configure Multi Commander to be able to switch tabs with the left and right arrow keys (like in Krusader) instead of CTRL+TAB and CTRL+SHIFT+TAB?

Support and Feedback / Re: Problem with connection to SFTP server
« on: September 07, 2012, 14:32:03 »
I would vote for SFTP plugin, it would be great.

I open directories and files with a single click, I'm used to it very much.
Sometimes I need to mark one file or directory and do some operation with it, since I open files with a single click, I'm not albe to move the cursor to the file with a mouse in Multi Commander, I have to use up and down keys.

I would like the cursor to follow the mouse cursor - it works in Total Commander, if you check the settings 'Open files and directories with a single click'. Please see attached image.

BTW If I may ask a subquestion - how can I set the different background color for even and odd rows?

Thank you very much.

There are many directory junctions on our development server in the shared directory. Junctions are created with the command mklink /j destination source.
Multi Commander is not able to go to these directories, because MC doesn't interpret them as a common directories, when I try to go to those directories. Other commanders and explorer don't have any problems with it.

Please see attached image (directory names are in czech language, but it doesn't matter).

If I go to the "install" directory, MC switches to my local D:\install instead of the install directory on the server, it is coincidence, that there is a directory D:\install in my computer too.
If I go to "zaloha" directory, MC switches to my local C:\, because there is no such directory b:\zaloha in my computer.

Could you fix this? Otherwise MC is unusable for me.

On the other hand, MC is the only commander, I have found so far, which can operate with directory junctions correctly (if you don't count the bug described above) in contrast to the other commanders and explorer on Windows.

And sorry for my bad english.

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