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SDK / Develop in C#
« on: November 03, 2017, 13:08:03 »

thanks for this great program, I use it every day!

Is there a way to implement a custom plugin using .net (c#)? I'm not a C++ developer but I have a few ideas for plugins that are special to my case. Could a .net DLL be simply wrapped with a C library? I would think that I'm not the only programmer who is not fluent with C++ and is looking for an alternative.

regards and best wishes,


A feature from sites like dropbox (without program installed) is the html5 featured drag and drop to upload and download files. It works with the normal windows explorer (drag a file from the browser - Chrome in my case - to to explorer). Using MultiCommander the download does not work, though the upload works like a charm.

Would be nice to have this working to  :P



first of all: GREAT TOOL, thanks!

Is there a shortcut for creating a new text file and starting the editor immediately? I believe it is Shift+F4 usually.

Thanks, Aaron

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