Author Topic: Stuck at the initializing screen when network drives are not available  (Read 1927 times)


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I frequently carry my work-laptop home where network drives are not available. In this situation MC always fails to open. I know it is the case since when I turn on my VPN to my work network then MC opens up within a few seconds. MC is a beautiful productive tool so I hate to have to switch to something else. Does anyone know any workaround or setting that I can utilize to make it work even when I am using the laptop at home.


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It depends on your setup and what you done.
If it is because it tries to go to the network devices at startup , then it is because you enabled that option. By default MC do not remember paths to networks locations just for this reason that it can halt the startup until it timeout (can be 1-2 minutes. depends on how windows is configured)

You can enabled that again in Explorer Panel settings under the "Save on exit" section