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I am developing Ultimate File Manager Project. Ultimate File Manager (UFM) is an advanced File Manager distributed with carefully selected and configured freeware applications. The purpose of UFM project is making the best environment to run your favourite applications within one place. Main application of the project is well-known and appreciated Total Commander File Manager (shareware) or its freeware equivalent Multi Commander. UFM lets you manage all of your files and applications in best and simplest way. This properly configured, easy to use and very powerfull environment gives you the best experience, whatever you want to do!...

Here is the project website:


ULTIMATE FILE MANAGER 11.6 is ready for download!

Ultimate File Manager 11.6 was released on July 1, 2024. It is a main release that brings bug fixes and component updates.

The most important change is Multi Commander File Manager update and new UFM internal application - UFM Clipboard Manager.
UFM Clipboard Manager allows you to manage Windows Clipboard data. The Clipboard is a temporary storage area for data (text, images, etc) that is being transferred from one location to another. This is still in development (I need to implement image crop functionality and maybe support for remembering clipboard data on list). There is still no other languages translation and there might be some bugs.


UFM Information | UFM Statistics

Give it a try! Enjoy! If you see any problem or have a sugesion, please report it.

I would like to remind you - Ultimate File Manager project is free - it will never change! It is created with passion and commitment - for You. I hope it serves you and does what it is supposed to do. It is created in my free time. I do spend a lot of time trying to make it better. Please, remember this!

If you want, you can support my project financially. Thanks for any donation (it really matters).

If you have any comments, suggestions for changes or found any problem, please notify me. Maybe you know some interesting and functional plugin? Maybe you would like me to implement some functionality? Do not hesistate - Ultimate File Manager is for You! Together we can make this project even better.

Ps: Big thanks to Mathias, for developing Multi Commander - the best freeware File Manager all over the world!

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