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is a portable version available ?

That would be nice.

Mathias (Author):
To transfer and configure Multi Commander for portable device you select

"Menu->Help->Install Multi Commander on USB Device".


When transforming Multi Commander from require registration to free version, a check if Multi Commander was registered was by mistake left in. And this will be removed for the next update.

Until then. You can download this quick fixed version

v1.1.0 Build (783)  32bit
v1.1.0 Build (783)  64bit

Or you can copy the install folder of Multi Commander to a portable device. The problem with this is that the configuration is not changed. And when starting Multi Commander from the USB Device it will store settings and session information on the host computer.

Using the "Install Multi Commander on USB Device". Multi Commander will be configured to store all this things on the USB Device so that nothing will be written on the host computer.

- Mathias

It would be fine if all user data will be stored in the applications folder (or a subfolder).
So it would be possible to carry the same configuration easily to any used system (USB as well).
Is that already possible?

Mathias (Author):
When transferring Multi Commander to the Portable (USB) Device using the tool inside Multi Commander, Multi Commander is configured to store all settings and configuration and everything other personal data that Multi Commander saves on the portable device and not the host computer.


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