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Hm, that doesn't work as expected.

I did it in the described way:
- made all configuration
- used the USB copy function
- uninstalled the initial version
- copied the new folder from USB back to HDD
- starting MC acts like the very first start
- writes to registry again

What I expected:
- all necessary files in 1 folder (including complete config and history)
- possibility to copy that folder to USB, other HDD, CD, ...
- nothing in registry and nothing elsewhere


Mathias (Author):
It should be possible and it have worked like that before.

I will check it out later and see if anything changed.

Mathias (Author):
Lesmo16 was right, It was storing session information on the host computer.

A check that was checking if Multi Commander was registered or not was still left in after the change to free edition.
And it made it still store session information on the host computer. But that is now fixed.

Update to the latest beta and it should work. (At least build 789)

(How to download beta version)

Dear Mathias,
why don't you offer a portable package as a download? The present way to make multicommander portable is very inconvenient for people who just want a portable version: first installing multicommander (non-portable), then making the portable version and finally removing the non-portable version...

Would be thankful! :)

Mathias (Author):
Sounds like an good idé. I will look into that.


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