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Multi Commander 4.6 Beta
« on: October 04, 2014, 16:33:41 »
 Over 120+ Changes since v4.5

 -- Build 1780
  ADDED - MultiRename will now add item to its list in the same order they are shown in the Explorer Panel.
  ADDED - MultiRename support moving item up/down from hotkey or popup menu when right clicking on item
  FIXED - Save current column layout sometimes did not save the columns in the correct order.
  FIXED - QuickLaunchBar sometimes built the parameter list of dropped files wrong.
  FIXED - MultiLanguage issue with one of the color adjustments dialogs in PictureViewer
  FIXED - Redraw issues if cancel was pressed in the Brightness dialog in PictureViewer
  FIXED - Scrolling issues when scrolling to the right in List View mode.
  UPDATE- Language packs updated (DE,EN,FR,PL,RU,PT,CZ)

 -- Build 1777
  ADDED - Support for Italian - Created by Aldo
  ADDED - Picture Viewer can now adjust colors using gamma, brightness, grey scale, normalize and more.
  ADDED - Picture Viewer can now Save picture in another format.
  ADDED - Picture Viewer can now resize image.
  ADDED - Picture Viewer support undo (Ctrl+Z) after doing color changes.
  ADDED - Picture Tools can now batch resize images.
  ADDED - CustomCommand "MC.PictureTools.Convert"
  ADDED - CustomCommand "MC.PictureTools.Resize"
  ADDED - Image dimensions can now be shown as an overlay text on the thumbnail.
  ADDED - Button panel wizard will now add icon if the dropped file is a .exe
  ADDED - Add/Remove Selection now support regular expressions. start match with ":"
  ADDED - View filters now support regular expressions. Start filters with ":"  (File size equal filter moved to "=" )
  ADDED - QuickLaunchBar now support ${sourcepath} and ${targetpath} in parameter field
  FIXED - Thumbnail detailed view mode did not always show all columns.
  FIXED - Will now retry getting .exe icon if default .exe is returned. (Can happen if AV/Other software has a lock on the file)
  FIXED - Icon override if FileType Setup is no longer case sensitive
  FIXED - Column resize issue if a column got < 0 is size.
  FIXED - When viewing a file using external viewer the focused file will be used.
  FIXED - Thumbnail background thread will now update the main ui better.
  FIXED - 3 crash issues reported by Crash report system.
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