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Path failures silently ignored, should display reason

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Not 100% sure of the reason but probably permissions I entered a path such as "\\SomeComputer\c$", the program would not go there but also didn't display any error messages to state that (1) and error had occured and (2) the reason for the error.

Mathias (Author):
Yes you shown have gotten an error.

If you go to that path in windows explorer. Do you get an error then ?

I will have a look at it.

When trying to enter existing but inaccessible share via Windows Explorer, standard dialog appears (see pic).
MC just doesn't connect without any message

Mathias (Author):
Strange.  I get a login dialog here.

I will do some more testing and investigate why that could happen.

I will have another go tomorrow, this was at work connecting to another computer (highly secured) in the domain. If I remember correctly I didn't start the program under an admin account, in a similar situation explorer would normally have prompted me for userid/password.


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