Author Topic: Script to restart MC with Administrator with status of tab before Restart  (Read 46127 times)


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Hi All,

Now I am fan of MC.
I like to use PortableApps and I also use MC as portable Apps.

I'd like to share one of my scripts about "Restart MC as Administrator role":

Precondition: Download tool nircmd.exe from and copy file file nircmd to folder MC.

A. Script to Restart MC.
B. Script to restart MC for nircmd tool

How to do:
A. Write script to Restart MC:
  1. Create Multi-Script to restart
  2. Add these lines in to content: 
     @var $nircmdPath = GetTagValue("${mcinstallpath}");
     @var $@scriptFile = $nircmdPath ^ "rebootmc.ncl";
     $nircmdPath = $nircmdPath ^ "nircmd.exe";
     MC.Run CMD="{$nircmdPath}" ARG="script {$scriptFile}" ADMIN

B. Create script to close and restart MC for nircmd.exe:
    1. Create new file with extension .ncl
    2. Add 3 lines:
        closeprocess "~$folder.nircmd$\MultiCommander.exe"
        wait 500
        exec show ~$folder.nircmd$\MultiCommander.exe -T=YourName
    3. Save file with name "rebootmc.ncl

Hope this script can help you.

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