Author Topic: A few suggestion after installation and after first minutes with app  (Read 4168 times)


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first of all - Multi Commander seems to be the best Total commander competitor, at lease from my point of view. Very good job!

Some last problems stays:

1) User, as far I know, is not able to set tab as locked, but allow user to go anywhere, not only to sub folders. This is possible to do it in TC and it is very important to me, since I dont want to have still open one extra tab just for exploring whole disks.

2) Move tabs to top as default. I know, that user can move tabs to top, but ... top is standard or not? :)

3) Do something with app configuration. Yes it is very complex but still can be inside one global window as it is in TC. Now, I thing that it is very confusing. E.g. I spent about 10-15 minutes to find where I can change displaying file size (in bits, kB, GB...). Default is not usable in these times, when disks has TBs of space. Again, in TC, it is matter or 1 minute.

Anyway, thanks for great app and I wish the best.
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Re: A few suggestion after installation and after first minutes with app
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1. You can lock tabs, and you can also lock them at a level, but allow change to subpath.
(Right click on tab)

2. You can change to top in settings. I like it as bottom as default since you got the command line field up there and I find it to messy if the tabs are also there.

3. MC is build around extensions. And each extension has it own config. When you understand that it is easier to find.
But it is like it is because more and more stuff have been added since the config framework was built.
Some parts could have been better if it was build today, But I will not spend time to rebuild that. It require to much work for a small benefits.