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If MultiCommander started in the Background, is no symbol in the Task Bar

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You can repeat this issue when you start MC from the Start menu while pressing the Shift Button to keep the start menu open. Then have no MC-Instance a symbol in the task bar. I have it only with the classic shell Start menu tested, but it can also be tested when you create a batch file to start multiple instances. Use between the starts a timeout of 1s or 5 s.
--- Code: ---timeout 1
--- End code ---
When a timeout between the starts are more instances without a taskbar symbol. No other program have this problem. It seems it is a MC-Problem.
I was changing the windows behavior for starting programs in the registry
--- Code: ---Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\
--- End code ---
ForegroundFlashCount to 0 with no effect.

Sorry, i cant disabling the Classic Shell without removing it. Hoping the Shift Button to keep the menu while starting multiple programs works also with the new Windows Start menu.

Mathias (Author):
No I'm not able to recreate this. Win10 ?  Or Win11 ?

Placing the application icon on the TaskBar is not something programs do them self, Windows is handling that. if the application that is opened has a specific Window Flag, Windows place a Application Icon on the TaskBar. Only time MC manipulate that is in you have the Minimize to taskbar thing active and have activated that taskbar icon should not be visible when minimized.

 The Minimize to taskbar thing is disabled. I have Windows 10. Why can MC be started and running without a icon on the task bar? This is strange. And why are you not able to recreate that? I dont understand this. Sure i have with 7+ taskbar tweaker a program which is injected in the windows explorer, but when i remove this have i the same problem with MC and only annoying Thumbs instead of Lists on the Taskbar. But i will test it again without the 7+ taskbar tweaker....

Edit: I have teted it without 7+tt. And it ios the same problem.

It is easy to recreate. Use a Batchfile to start multiple instances and do another winbdow in the foreground before.

if i manually minimize all windows in the foreground incl the already started MC instances, all taskbar icons will be created.

The new started MC instances come not in the foreground automatically. Thats the reason why. But it should also work when the windows be in the background. Thats the error maybe caused by MC. Maybe you can look into that? Why are the taskbar icons not created when the new started windows stay i the background? Maybe other programs are all forced in the foreground.

Just make that MC again be forced in the foreground after start. This solve my problem because i can use a timeout in my Batchfile that all other programstarts be finished before the MC start after a windows start.

Mathias (Author):
It is how Windows works.  When an application open that shows a UI Window.. A Taskbar button/icon is added for that application, automatically.
If you do NOT want a Taskbar Icon for a UI Application, Then the program need to do weird workarounds..

Also if application are started "in the background" (It is not started as a background process.. just background in the UI layer) then MC can't popup in the foreground. Windows will not allow it.
Remember on XP when application just started and stole focus when you was in the middle of things.. Windows changed in Windows 7 (or was it 8? ) to not allow that anymore. If an application request to be in the foreground, but another program have focus, Windows will ignore that call, The program in focus must say that process X is allowed to steal my focus away from me.

Also why are you starting it in the background ? what issue are that solving ?


--- Quote from: Mathias (Author) on September 09, 2022, 13:35:29 ---Also why are you starting it in the background ? what issue are that solving ?

--- End quote ---
The Batch File do it in this way and by the way, the /min parameter works not. I replaced Start with Start /min, this should work, but no instance started minimized. Just one window stay in the foreground and the other starting behind them in the second layer. This is without the /min parameter the same.

Yes i mean not running in the background, but running without a task bar icon is maybe the same like running in the background?

Why is this only with MC so? All other Programs can be started with multiple instances via  batch file. I have tested this with the 2 methods for recreating the issue.

I guess this will never be solved.... I make a Windows Update to 22H1 this weekend. Maybe then is the behavior different, but i dont believe.

When move i to Windows 11?
Then when Win 10 no longer developed.


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